Easy to understand and quick to implement
online work scheduling system

Proper team management starts with proper tools

Automated workforce solution

Shifton free scheduling software provides the most comfortable way of managing employee schedules. Automated employee scheduling software allows to create monthly schedules, save time and budget, adjust the workload and enhance discipline in the workplace. It only takes a few steps to create optimal shift-based working schedule for any given number of employees.

Automated online scheduling

Shifton online tool is designed to cut time and effort spent on workforce scheduling. Businesses of all scopes and sizes will find that it perfectly suits their needs.

Improved teamwork

The system keeps company funds safe from work outages. It automatically distributes shifts among employees and makes sure that each time slot is occupied, providing a smooth workflow.

Time off management

Create comfortable working conditions by taking into account employee preferences during schedule creation. Instantly adjust the timetable in case of absent or sick employees.

Key Features

Shifton is a multi-functional online solution with various attributes which ensure a stable company workflow. Thanks to those features, our solution significantly cuts time on creating work schedules.
  • Automated online schedule creation with multiple settings
  • Shift swapping between employees
  • Employee time off management
  • Employee work hours statistics
  • Rich schedule editing tools
  • Schedule notification settings


Free employee scheduling services for successful workforce management.
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