Shifton - Employee shift scheduling with automation option

Automatic and manual shifts scheduling

Employee Shift Scheduling

A cutting-edge solution for employee work schedules. Easy-access functions including customizable scheduling, holiday and shift templates, simplified shift swapping, integrated labor law enforcement, and many other valuable tools to make employee scheduling effective.

Customizable Shift Templates

Work smarter, not harder-- save yourself hours of work with Shifton’s customizable color templates. Create schedules, schedule employee breaks, and more.

Managing Open Shifts

Got an employee on sick leave and still unsure who can pick up the shift? Place it in “Open shifts,” where employees can choose them independently.

Employee Shift Swapping

No more wasted time and energy in endless chats trying to find a replacement for shifts. Employees can now send shift-swapping requests to their coworkers, and once they both confirm, the manager needs only to approve the changes.

Automatic Scheduler for Hundreds of Employees in Minutes

10 employees or 1000 - it doesn’t matter. Shifton intelligent scheduling algorithms can deal with and process any given amount of records, taking into account all the nuances: business needs, employees availability, labor-related laws, and much more. Access and configure dozens of parameters to offer you the results you’re looking for.

Monitoring Employee Compliance

Tracking employee compliance with set work regulations can be difficult without avoiding human error. Shifton helps you enforce work rules for all activity processed within our system. You set the rules, and we make everybody follow them, keeping your business safe.

Holidays and Special Events

National holiday, weekend, or special occasion? Set non-working days or adjust wages for specific events or timeframes.

Sync to calendar apps

Shifton’s versatile mobile app gives you a broad scope of opportunities with the ability to cover other applications as well. Easily export shifts generated with Shifton to any calendar app that supports importing.

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