Shifton - Task Management and CRM Features

Flexible checklists, automatic or manual assignment of tasks

Task Management System

Get the job done with our task management system. Create tasks, assign them to customers or employees during their shift, or allow them to pick the following tasks they do. Each task can contain checklists to ensure even better service.

Mini-CRM for client management

Manage customers within our system, add custom fields, manage addresses, and more. No toll required. Our system also has many integrations to offer if you already use something out there.

Custom client and task fields

Every business varies and may require diverse data to be stored. For that, Shfifton allows you to customize fields attached to clients and tasks, giving maximum flexibility to you.

Flexible checklists to ensure proper workflows

Ensure high-level service, create upscale opportunities, and more with our powerful checklist feature. Create checklists and attach them to tasks that will not be considered fulfilled until employees mark everything completed on the list.

Automatic or manual tasks assigned to employee or team

You can assign tasks automatically to shifts based on estimated task duration and time available on shift, or you can give employees the alternative to pick up the next job they do on their own.

Additional integrations to your current task management tool*

Using another task management tool already, but want to unleash the full power of shift assignment? No problem, we have a solution for that as well. With a mix of integrations into popular task management tools, you can link both systems to work at their best for you.

* Function being developed

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