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Swift and efficient scheduling of security personnel

What is security guard management?

It is a complex process that includes the control of security firm employees' shifts, their working hours, breaks, time off, vacations and days off, as well as payroll. Management is handled by a manager or department head. Effective control helps to maintain discipline in the team and makes the company more productive. In addition, proper security guard management is essential for motivating and supporting employees. This process can use various tools such as tables and graphs, as well as more specialized security guard management software such as Shifton. This makes the manager's job much easier and much more efficient, as a modern tool is specifically designed for this purpose.

What is Security Scheduling software?

What is Shifton — this is a scheduling application and can be integrated with various tools, such as Zapier etc. It can also work as an app for security guards. It has the functionality to make a work plan for a week, a month or a longer period, as well as to keep records, monitor employees, look for replacements and perform other actions. With such an assistant, security scheduling becomes easier and faster, which saves the working time of the employee who performs this task.

How do you monitor a security guard?

The Shifton security guard scheduling app includes not only scheduling employees' working hours but also tracking them. Employees using the application can note when they are present at their workplace and when they take a break or leave. All this information will be displayed in the system and can be viewed by the manager. Employees will also be able to change shifts, which will also be automatically displayed in the system. It is equipped with alerts that can be customized to receive only the necessary information and effectively monitor the work of company members.