Shifton - Working hours, breaks and employee locations tracking

Tracking of working hours and location tracking
via Wi-Fi or GPS

Time Clock Tracker

Go beyond scheduling with our Time Clock tracker. Get accurate clock-in and clock-out times for shifts and breaks, receive real-time alerts, and compare planned vs. executed activities. Available on web and mobile, with powerful settings for GPS or network locks.

Available on web, mobile, or kiosk

Multiple ways to clock-in either using a mobile, web application or a dedicated tablet in kiosk mode. Attach network, location, or even photos to each event.

Before Clock-in and Late Clock-out Restrictions

Binding to shift planning allows preventing early clock-in by checking if there is any shift or break in the defined time range. Another setting allows automatic clock-out of employees if they forget to do it manually.

Employee Location Tracking*

Capture employee location data for each attendance if required by the company.

Specialized WiFi Tracking Configuration or GPS Location Monitoring*

Sometimes GPS signals aren’t stable inside building areas, and in that case, a network check can do the job. If the workplace has its own WiFi network with static IP, the system can be set up to accept events only from specific static IP, ensuring the employee is in the correct location.

* Function being developed

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