Shifton - Salary Calculation with Integration

Wage arrangements with overtime, bonuses and penalties, setting compliance with labor laws

Free plan

If you use only basic functions and have less then 100 active employees

Salary Calculation

Know your salary costs ahead or easily calculate them for payouts with Shifton. Per-user wages, daily and weekly overtime calculations, unique event ratios, bonuses, penalties, and more, all in one place. Integration to best-known accountant software included.

Wage Arrangement per employee, per schedule, or even for a specific shift

One employee can hold more than one position and be paid differently. Shifton’s system allows you to manage that easily, even at a particular shift level.

Overtime cost calculation based on company settings

If overtime could be avoided, it probably should be. But to make the right decision, you need to get that information, and Shifton can provide it for you for each shift, employee, or project.

Detailed appliance settings to match law regulations

Different countries have different laws, and we are doing our best to provide you with simple yet effective tools to make your business follow them. Dozens of settings with reasonable defaults give you the power to control every aspect of the appliance, and we are here to listen and add more if required.

Bonuses and Penalties

Integrate information on bonuses and penalties and add this data to the basic employee monthly payout. Employees will see them as well, which can perform as an additional motivation factor.

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