Shifton - Multifunctional Team Management Tools

Access levels, lists import, team messaging, knowledge base

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If you use only basic functions and have less then 100 active employees

Team Management

Teams may be small or large, company structure complicated, and branches spread over a country. Shifton can handle it all, offering great tools for team management, from a multi-level access system and account structure to a knowledge base aimed at providing help with onboarding.

Multi-level account structure with projects and schedules

Big or small company? Shifton allows you to match your business structure by projects, schedules, positions, and marks. It’s easy for setup and implementation.

Different access levels for employees, managers, and admins

Shifton provides different access levels to employees depending on their positions within your company to manage concerns over your business’s safety, privacy, and overall growth strategies. Employees, Managers, and company owners have different access rights to data and what they can and cannot do.

Importing employees (Excel/QuickBooks/1C/etc.)

Did we mention that setup is easy? Shifton makes it even more simple by allowing the option to import employees’ lists from spreadsheets or various HR tools you already use.

Team messaging*

Team or personal chats - Shifton has it all. Being in contact with all teammates is easy with our integrated messaging tools.

Newsfeed - Important Announcements and Messages*

Need an information board? Shifton can provide it for you. Make announcements, attach images, deliver your message to each employee.

Knowledgebase - Comprehensible Employee Work Manual*

Make onboarding easy with the built-in knowledge base. Group articles and files by topic and give employees instructions that are position-based in order for them to complete their job right.

* Function being developed

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