How To Beat Procrastination

Published: 26-07-2022
Get rid of the causes of procrastination and improve productivity

Everybody is sometimes guilty of postponing important assignments. People often believe that they have unlimited time for work. The deadline draws near, while tasks remain unfinished. Chronic procrastination can lead to serious consequences: from scolding to losing the job. With that said, there a few advice on how to stop procrastinating.

Dealing with procrastination begins with finding the root of the problem

Anyone can be overwhelmed by the workload. First, you have to pick a top priority assignment. Before you begin, understand the causes of procrastination.  Perhaps, you are afraid to get the task wrong or are confused about it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your colleagues.

Today is a good day to start

If you don't know how to beat procrastination, the best solution is to start working immediately. If a task seems too complicated and you think that you won’t have time to do it, try the following. Think of an assignment that will take you 5 minutes to finish and do it. Then, get a timer running and try working on that complicated task for 5 minutes. If you start doing something, you are more likely to see it through, as you are inclined to remember unfinished tasks. That way your chance to beat procrastination increase.

Divide your working hours into blocks

Get rid of all distractions and concentrate on your work. We suggest that you divide a working hour into 20-minute periods and make short breaks between them. The brain works in cycles with high and low periods of activity. To reach the peak of productivity, one must be mindful of those swings, balance their work and rest time respectfully.

Make a bet

Another way to improve your productivity is by making a bet with a friend. Chose a time and date as a deadline for your assignment. Next, offer your friend a bit of money, coffee or lunch should you fail to finish the assignment on time. This will provide additional motivation.

Think positively about past instances of procrastination

Try not to be too hard on yourself for your previous cases of procrastination. This problem often occurs with perfectionists and people who are afraid to fail. Keep up the positivity and don’t let negative thoughts creep into your mind.

We hope that our article will free you from the procrastination trap.