Shifton - All-in-one Tool for Scheduling and Tasks Tracking

A single powerful tool for planning, scheduling and tracking day-to-day tasks and activities in the company

Free plan

If you use only basic functions and have less then 100 active employees

Access anywhere

The modern world is all about mobility. Shifton is a cloud-based system available anywhere with internet access, on any device, 24/7.

Best user experience on desktop and mobile

Shifton is a robust system, easy to set up and use. With a dedicated mobile application, you can work efficiently from any place, having all the necessary tools within reach. With a Desktop-available website, you can even control and manage workflows of any complexity in an easy, streamlined way.

Real-time notifications via push and e-mail

We keep you informed when something specific requires your attention. With Push and e-mail notifications, everyone is involved, and they get the information at the right time.

All-in-one, yet simple tool for maximum productivity

Shifton is powerfully efficient, and you have a choice to use as many functionalities as needed and pay only for what you use. With many aspects covered and many integrations took into account, you can use Shifton as one non-stop place for your daily workforce management tasks.

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