Shifton is a multi-functional employee scheduling and management solution

Features Details

Shift swapping

The feature was developed to create comfortable conditions for employees. They don’t have to manually look for shifts to exchange. The system allows swapping shifts, as well as putting them away on the Open Shifts. Employees can choose with whom they wish to swap shifts with. Both managers and employers are notified whenever requests are made for shifts to be swapped or placed on the Open Shifts.

Automatic scheduling

Our system can automatically create schedules in a couple of minutes for any number of employees. The multi-functional feature distributes employees across shifts, based on set parameters. These include the number of employees, shifts, weekdays/days off and monthly working hours. Created schedules can be edited whenever necessary. Employees are informed about their current schedules, can check them anytime and are notified about all changes applied to them.

Time off

Company employees can request time off from work for a required period of time: for several hours or days. They can ask for a break, a sick leave, holiday, vacation, etc. Employees are free to include attachments in their requests to better explain why they will be absent. With this feature, employee time off can be effectively controlled by managers.

Schedule notifications

In order to keep employees informed about all things going on in their companies, we’ve added a notification system to Shifton. Employees receive updates about schedules, and are reminded when their shifts are going to begin.