Shifton is a multi-functional employee scheduling and management solution

Features Details

Free plan

If you use only basic functions and have less then 100 active employees

Shift Scheduling

A cutting-edge solution for employee work schedules. Easy-access functions including customizable scheduling, holiday and shift templates, simplified shift swapping, integrated labor law enforcement, and many other valuable tools to make employee scheduling effective.

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Time Clock

Go beyond scheduling with our Time Clock tracker. Get accurate clock-in and clock-out times for shifts and breaks, receive real-time alerts, and compare planned vs. executed activities. Available on web and mobile, with powerful settings for GPS or network locks.

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Task Management System

Get the job done with our task management system. Create tasks, assign them to customers or employees during their shift, or allow them to pick the following tasks they do. Each task can contain checklists to ensure even better service.

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Time-Off Management

We all need some rest from time to time. With our “breaks” module, ditch spreadsheets and schedule workdays in a few clicks.

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Team Management

Teams may be small or large, company structure complicated, and branches spread over a country. Shifton can handle it all, offering great tools for team management, from a multi-level access system and account structure to a knowledge base aimed at providing help with onboarding.

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Salary Calculation

Know your salary costs ahead or easily calculate them for payouts with Shifton. Per-user wages, daily and weekly overtime calculations, unique event ratios, bonuses, penalties, and more, all in one place. Integration to best-known accountant software included.

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In-Depth Reports

Our reporting tools are as powerful as the amount of data stored. Combined with Planning and Attendance tracking, these reports can provide insights on achievements, planned vs. executed points, predict future expenses, and allow suitable optimizations at the right time.

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Accessible Integrations

Managing a business is active teamwork. The same is correct for tools used, so we team up with many popular systems to provide you with better workflows, data exchange, and access to our API to make custom integrations.

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Access anywhere

The modern world is all about mobility. Shifton is a cloud-based system available anywhere with internet access, on any device, 24/7.

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