Employee scheduling software

  • Saving time and money
  • Balanced workload distribution
  • Creating an optimal shift schedule for any number of employees

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Employee scheduling software features

  • Workload distribution

    Shift planning

    • Shift templates & automatic scheduling
    • Shift swaps between employees
    • Holidays and special days
    • Open & Priority shifts new
    • Manage by locations, schedules & positions
    • Bulk actions on shifts
  • Manage and control

    Employee management

    • Employee Time Clock
    • Work location control new
    • Break Planning
    • Vacation planning
    • Tasks planning
    • Service teams scheduling
  • Plan and forecast

    Estimates and forecast

    • Labour laws compliance
    • Comparison of scheduled and completed tasks
    • Hours, salary and vacation/sick days detailed reports
    • Budget reports
  • Scale

    From SMBs to Enterprise

    • 3rd-party integrations
    • 24/7 access from any device with Internet access
    • Notifications system
    • Secure document storage
    • Calendar synchronisation
    • Open API
    • Additional Enterprise-grade features new

State-of-the-art schedules automation

Shifton’s Employee scheduling software is designed to optimize time and resources in creating employee work schedules. Shifton is the perfect solution for companies of all industries and sizes.

Team work optimization

Shifton will help any company save money by minimizing time spent and scheduling and managing. The system automatically assigns shifts to employees, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow in the enterprise.

Shift and break management

Create comfortable work schedules, taking into account the personal circumstances of employees. Employees will appreciate the ability to easily swap shifts or breaks with colleagues.

Shifton is a reliable and efficient solution for managing my tasks and schedule. Work schedule app user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy to organize my workflow and stay on top of my goals. I highly recommend this service for its effectiveness in enhancing productivity.

Shifton is simply outstanding! Business scheduling software for planning and priority features empower me to organize my tasks and concentrate on what truly matters. I'm grateful for this service as it brings structure and success to my life.

I've tried several task management systems, but Shifton stands out as the best. The intuitive interface, customizable workflows, and seamless integration with other apps make it a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their work. It's a game-changer for boosting productivity.

Shifton - Employee scheduling software


What Is an Employee scheduling software?

Check out Shifton’s work schedule maker — the ultimate tool for hassle-free employee scheduling. No more juggling spreadsheets or manual tracking! Whether you’re a small startup or a big corporation, Shifton has got your back. Our shift online schedule maker offers fantastic features such as personalized schedules, pre-made holiday and shift templates, easy shift swapping, and built-in compliance with labor laws, making scheduling effortless.

What Industries Use Shift Schedule Maker?

Scheduling software is a hit among businesses with tricky, multi-shift schedules and workforce needs. Restaurants, retirement homes, shops, call centers, and pharmacies are all on board.

In hospitality, shift work is necessary to keep guests happy day and night, like hotels and round-the-clock diners. And don't forget retail stores, especially the big names in bustling areas or those with extended hours — they're all about online work scheduling. So, whether you've got a small team or a big crew, our shift schedule maker works like a charm for any size business.

What Processes Can Be Automated with an Online Work Schedule Maker?

When it comes to getting your business in gear, efficiency is everything. One of the best tricks is automating your scheduling process.

With online work scheduling software, managers and employees can work together seamlessly and maximize their resources. This handy software takes care of a bunch of tasks for you, like:

  • Figuring out your scheduling needs ahead of time.
  • Spotting which employees are up for some overtime.
  • Make sure you're following all the local rules and regulations.
  • Sharing schedules with your team.
  • Quickly tweaking schedules when needed.
  • Letting your team check and adjust their schedules.
  •  Keeping an eye on everyone's shifts in real-time.
  • Sorting out pay based on hours worked.
  • Keep tabs on when your crew clocks in and out.

For all the ins and outs, head over to our website.

Which Tools Are Used for Online Work Scheduling?

Shifton is your go-to automatic scheduling app, making life easier for managers and supervisors. With our ready-made templates, you'll breeze through scheduling, and swapping shifts is a piece of cake with our handy editing tools. Here's what tools we offer:

  • Time Clock Tracker: Monitor clock-in/clock-out times, breaks, and tasks in real-time on the web and mobile.
  • Task Management System: Efficiently assign tasks during shifts or let your team choose from checklists.
  • Team Management: Manage teams of any size with multi-level access and a knowledge base for onboarding.
  • Salary Calculation: Easily calculate wages, overtime, and bonuses and integrate with accounting software.
  • In-Depth Reports: Analyze achievements expenses, and make data-driven decisions for optimization.

Check out more tools for online work scheduling on the site!

Do you still have any questions? We will gladly answer them! Write to chat or email support@shifton.com