Automated scheduling

  • Saving time and money
  • Balanced workload distribution
  • Creating an optimal shift schedule for any number of employees


  • Workload distribution

    Shift planning

    • Customizable shift templates
    • Shift swaps between employees
    • Holidays and special days
    • Open shifts
    • Labor laws compliance
    • Calendar synchronization
  • Manage and control

    Employee management

    • Tasks Assignment
    • Create checklists
    • Tracking tardiness
    • Comparison of scheduled and completed tasks
    • Hours, salary and vacation/sick days reports
  • Scale

    Integrations and unlimited access

    • 3rd-party integrations
    • 24/7 access from any device with Internet access
    • Notifications system
    • Versatility
  • Plan and forecast

    Estimates and forecast

    • Break Planning
    • Vacation planning
    • Secure document storage

State-of-the-art schedules automation

Shifton’s online platform is designed to optimize time and resources in creating employee work schedules. Shifton is the perfect solution for companies of all industries and sizes.

Team work optimization

Shifton will help any company save money by minimizing time spent and scheduling and managing. The system automatically assigns shifts to employees, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted workflow in the enterprise.

Shift and break management

Create comfortable work schedules, taking into account the personal circumstances of employees. Employees will appreciate the ability to easily swap shifts or breaks with colleagues.

Shifton - automated scheduling service

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