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online work scheduling app

Proper team management starts with proper tools

Automated workforce scheduling solution

Shifton scheduling software provides the most comfortable way of managing employee schedules. Shifton allows to:

Automated online scheduling

Shifton online tool is designed to cut time and effort spent on workforce scheduling. Businesses of all scopes and sizes will find that it perfectly suits their needs.

Improved teamwork

Shifton app will help your company to maximize uptime and save money. Shifton automatically assigns shifts to employees providing smooth and constant workflow within a company.

Time-off management

Shifton will help you to create comfortable working shifts taking into account individual circumstances of employees and to instantly adjust timetables and shifts in case of employee replacement.

Key Features

Shifton is a multi-functional online solution which ensures stable workflow within a company. Shifton significantly reduces time spent on creating work shifts due to the following features:
  • Automated online schedule creation with multiple settings
  • Shift swapping between employees
  • Employees time-off management
  • Employees working time statistics
  • Toolkit for schedule revision and editing
  • Management of notifications on updates


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