Shifton - Reporting Tools and Data Storage

In-depth reports on salaries and working hours, costs planning, data export

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If you use only basic functions and have less then 100 active employees

In-Depth Reports

Our reporting tools are as powerful as the amount of data stored. Combined with Planning and Attendance tracking, these reports can provide insights on achievements, planned vs. executed points, predict future expenses, and allow suitable optimizations at the right time.

See expenses as you plan

You can use salary calculations to predict your expenses, avoid overtime rates by assigning more employees and make additional optimizations related to your business. In this way, you will prevent problems, not just react to them.

Reporting Tools - Compare planned vs. executed events

Various surprises can occur in the real world, so nothing happens as planned initially. Using Shifton reporting tools, you can see the difference or receive real-time alerts if something goes unplanned.

Detailed salary and work time reports

Holding all information on shifts and breaks, Shifton can provide you with detailed reports on many projects or a specific employee, even on shift level.

Export to your favorite tools: QuickBooks, 1C, etc.*

Keeping all the data that’s hard to extract is not a way we work. Integrations to popular payroll systems will allow you to generate payrolls in only a few clicks.

* Function being developed

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