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Shifton - healthcare staff scheduling software

Create the best work schedule for your healthcare staff 

How can staff scheduling be improved?

To improve the work of your medical center or private clinic, it is necessary to properly schedule the staff of all departments. It is important to take into account not only the vacations and days off of the employees themselves but also the peculiarities of the institution's work, in particular, the level of attendance on different days. To provide quality services, the staff should not be overloaded, and for this purpose, it is important to use special medical staff scheduling software, and not to make work plans manually. You can use Shifton, where it is easy to automate this routine process and free up time for more important tasks.

What is medical scheduling?

This is the process by which shifts are evenly distributed among employees in all departments, as well as scheduling time off for staff, replacing those on sick leave or vacation, etc. This process is the responsibility of the manager, supervisor or administrator. It is important to ensure that the medical facility runs smoothly and that all patients receive the care they need. Scheduling is best done with scheduling software for healthcare.

What functions are performed in practice management software?

In this handy nurse schedule app you will find a lot of useful features, among which we can highlight a few of the most important ones. For example, you will be able to generate the schedule automatically, using templates that are already in the program or creating new ones. In addition, you will get access to all these functions using even a simple smartphone. The scheduling software has push notifications that will be sent to everyone registered in the system, which is especially important in large teams. Thanks to Shifton, replacements can also be found quickly if some staff have to leave the workplace. There is also a separate multifunctional module for payroll, where overtime or time off can be accounted for, and convenient tracking tools allow you to see the actual time an employee has spent at work.