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Shifton - Cleaning scheduling app

Create the best work schedule for your cleaning company staff

How to do scheduling for a cleaning business?

To make a timetable, you need to use data about cleaning orders and the schedule of cleaners. It is important to take into account which workers with which skills are available, whether they can fulfill a particular order, whether they have enough time, taking into account other tasks and much more. You can do this manually or with the help of special scheduling software for cleaning business, thanks to which you can track all this information in one place and create a convenient timetable that your employees will get instantly.

How can Shifton enhance your Cleaning company?

Using our cleaning services scheduling software you will get a lot of features that will take your business to the next level. The functionality includes tools for employee communication with the manager, automatic scheduling, reporting, requests for time off and much more. The software allows you to intelligently plan the company's activities, which eliminates downtime, makes the team work efficiently, saves time for employees in administrative positions.

How do I make a cleaning template?

Using the cleaning scheduling app you can create timetable templates. This is ideal for those orders that are done regularly. You just need to create a schedule once and then save it as a template, so that you can repeat it when needed and only rarely make changes to it.

How to manage a Cleaning company?

An important part of management is control, which is impossible without detailed reporting. Housekeeping scheduling allows you to make plans to evenly distribute the workload among employees, ensuring that they are paid fairly. The scheduling application has tools that allow you to track how many hours a certain employee has worked, what order he or she has performed and other indicators, which makes management more efficient.