How To Properly Prioritize Work Tasks

Published: 26-07-2022
Use our advice to properly prioritize work tasks

Recurring changes in the work plan constantly disturb the list of priorities. This can lead to negative consequences in productivity and team progress, irrational time management and missed deadlines. Is there a way to stay on top of things and make time for everything?

Best way to prioritize tasks is to write them down

To begin with, you have to make plans for the nearest future by creating a detailed list of all of the assignments and their deadlines for a day, a week or a month. Instead of trying to memorize everything, you should start a work diary and write down all of your tasks. This psychological trick stresses the importance of your work.

Organize everything

Once you have compiled a list of assignments, you might notice similarities between them. This isn’t surprising as most tasks can be put into three categories: single, recurring and project.

  • Single

If you are given a single task, better do it first thing tomorrow. Make a list of small assignments and cross out some of them every day. Before you decide on the most important tasks, consider how urgent they are and how much time you need to complete them. Your goal is to finish assignments during your shift. If you don’t have time, do the task tomorrow. Note that this method doesn’t work for immediate assignments.

  • Recurring

You don’t have to write down every single thing that has to be done on a daily basis. For example, if you share articles on social media or are in charge of e-mail campaigns. With that said, a schedule should be made for tasks that are tied to specific hours and days. This will significantly simplify the sorting of work priorities.

  • Projects

Projects are tasks that are more difficult to complete than simple assignments. Work on them as long as you can, but don’t try to take up several projects simultaneously. We recommend that you create a list of projects and choose the most urgent and important out of all of them. Don’t pick up a new project without finishing the previous one.

Important assignments come first

Creating an alphabetical or a numerical list won’t work. Your goal is not to blindly follow the items on the list, but to concentrate on high priority tasks. The remaining work can be done in whatever order you deem necessary.

In time you will learn how to choose work with the highest level of priority and not let it become a problem. If you will follow these rules, you won't believe how fast the working process will become.