Optimize Work Scheduling and Enhance Efficiency with Shifton's Work Location Control and Vacation Management

Published: 15-11-2023

How to Empower Business with Shifton: Schedule Creation Wizard, Work Location Control and Vacation Management

Shifton is a cutting-edge online tool designed to revolutionize workforce planning and management for companies. Our platform offers an array of powerful features, including customizable work schedules, simplified shift swapping, and integrated compliance with labor laws. But that's not all - Shifton goes beyond traditional tools with two remarkable new modules: Work Location Control and Vacation Management. 

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1. Effortless Scheduling and Task Management

With Shifton's one-click scheduling using pre-configured templates, you can say goodbye to hours of manual planning. Our platform enables company managers to track workflow seamlessly through a flexible task management system. Moreover, Shifton empowers employees by allowing them to choose tasks within their competence, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration.

2. Schedule Creation Wizard: Ensuring Efficiency and Accountability

Say goodbye to staffing gaps and scheduling chaos. Shifton's online-service empowers businesses to ensure that employees are always where they need to be. For instance, in a restaurant, waiters can easily request shift swaps among themselves, depending on the schedule settings. This feature eliminates the need for senior managers' involvement, guaranteeing an uninterrupted workflow. Furthermore, Shifton's system automatically updates the schedule and stores all the relevant information in one centralized location.

3. Streamlined Payroll and Labor Law Compliance

Shifton simplifies payroll management by consolidating all employee salary information in one place. From daily and weekly overtime calculations to unique event rates, bonuses, and penalties, everything is efficiently handled by our platform. In addition, Shifton helps companies with remote employees in different countries adhere to various labor law requirements. Our integration with Quickbooks and other popular accounting programs ensures seamless financial management.

4. Vacation Management: Effortless Leave Planning

Planning vacations and managing leaves has never been easier. Shifton's Vacation Management module provides a comprehensive solution for tracking time-offs and ensuring smooth operations. Whether it's requesting time off, managing approvals, or maintaining an accurate record of leave balances, Shifton has you covered. Simplify your HR processes and enable your employees to plan their vacations with ease.

5. Real-time Attendance Tracking and Location Verification

Shifton's attendance tracking module offers precise information on shift start and end times, as well as real-time updates on time-offs. Whether employees are using stationary computers, smartphones, or even GPS, Shifton captures accurate attendance data effortlessly. The system also verifies shifts and breaks in real-time, automatically marking the end of a shift if an employee forgets to do so manually. Additionally, with the Work Location Control module, you can track employees' physical presence, ensuring they are at the workplace when needed.

Transform Your Workforce Management with Shifton

Unlock the full potential of your business with Shifton's advanced features and modules. Streamline your scheduling, enhance productivity, and effortlessly comply with labor laws. Empower your workforce, optimize operations, and experience the future of employee management with Shifton.

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