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How to solve common work scheduling problems

2021-10-17 20:05:21

Here you will find three most common problems that arise during work schedule compilation, and best solutions for them. Start implementing today!

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5 Interesting Ideas on how to Improve the Efficiency of Call Center Employees

2021-10-12 09:22:06

Most call center managers use standard methods in order to motivate employees and achieve their goals (for example, bonuses, allowances, and benefits). But if you're really interested in growing your company, you should try new solutions to improve operators’ productivity.

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How to create the perfect work schedule for your company

2021-10-09 09:06:53

Planning is more important than one might think! Today we will show you how to create a work schedule that will meet the needs and personal circumstances of each employee. In the long run, this can significantly increase your company's revenue.

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Best cloud-based services for call centers in 2021-2022

2021-10-04 12:51:43

When choosing call center software, you can improve your customer service by leveraging cloud-based software. We bring to your attention the top 5 cloud call center programs.

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Telemarketing and call center reporting

2021-09-30 14:58:48

Forecasts and reports obtained using the Shifton cloud service allow additional optimization of the call center with an unlimited number of employees. Thus, you will not only solve existing issues but also prevent their occurrence in the future.

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Why Shifton is the best tool for call centers

2021-09-24 17:56:51

When choosing a call center program, it is important to consider 7 factors that guarantee business profitability. Today you will come to know why Shifton is the best service for outsourcing companies in 2021.

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Best Project Management Tools 2021

2021-09-22 20:56:50

One of the most important tasks of the head of any company is to develop the company's brand, increase productivity and save time for working with personnel. We present to your attention the best services for scheduling tasks and managing team resources in 2021.

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Best Choice of Scheduling App of 2021-2022

2021-09-15 07:46:18

We know that Shifton online app is an excellent alternative to all popular analogues. Let's compare Shifton features with WhenIWork functionality and make sure of that.

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5 Things You Should Know About Work Scheduling Automation To Implement It Effectively

2021-09-09 14:40:59

Digital tools continue to change the way companies manage talent as more solutions come out to help HR professionals and business owners manage manpower more efficiently. There are many software that can perform automated tools to manage schedules, payroll, leaves, benefits, and other factors that play into the people capital of an organization.

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What makes Shifton online service unique

2021-09-03 10:32:54

Shifton is a state-of-the-art online tool for planning the work of employees in a company. Shifton offers access to a wide range of useful features: customizable work schedule, shift templates, simplified shift swap, integrated labor law compliance and many other useful options.

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