How To Beat The Time Deficit Trap

Published: 13-11-2023
Beat the feeling of time constraints with this article


It seems that nowadays more people suffer from a sense of a lack of time, fall into a trap of panic and procrastination. The chance of getting back on track gets smaller with each passing deadline. Important things get delayed, while tasks with no significant long-term gain become a top priority. For example, you start cleaning your house while ignoring a week-old assignment.

As a result, people feel that they don’t have a lack of time. They become afraid to lose control of time-constrained projects and are unable to come up with plans for their future. They try to convince themselves that there is no time to finish all of the assignments even if there is a solid number of working hours, which negatively affects productivity. There are a few ways to get rid of the uneasy feeling:

Sort out your priorities to avoid time constraints

People who constantly feel that they have no time to do anything are very good at ignoring meaningful everyday things, such as relationships, exercise or reading. Doing small tasks seems more important to them while the list of important things keeps getting ignored. We advise that instead of complaining, you actually state what is and what is not a priority for you, so when the next time you want to say «I don’t have time for sports» try saying «Doing sports is not my priority». Perhaps, you spend too much time doing one work, while other things can be completely crossed off your activity list.

Try working on complex tasks when you are most productive

Constantly thinking about deadlines is the best way to kill any productivity you have. These thoughts keep ringing in your head even when you are trying to work. This results in many mistakes and yet another deadline delay. Don’t wait and think about whether or not you will be able to finish the job on time. What you have to do is ask yourself «What is the best time for me to take on the task and give it all I have?».

For example, if you are more productive in the afternoon - it's a good place to start that important assignment you have with no time constraints. We also recommend that you work as much as you can before the weekend begins. That way you will get rid of unnecessary stress, get a good rest and will be ready for the next working week.

Don’t be afraid to be generous with your time

The feeling of chronic time deficit can cause a person to count every second of their life: how many minutes they spend in line, in traffic while driving to work, at their doctor's office. Psychologists advise being generous with time. Soon you will see that you have plenty of it on your hands.

Of course, we can’t control everything, but how we react to it is our responsibility