5 best software tools for flower delivery service

Published: 22-08-2022

Top 5 Flower Delivery Software

Every flower store owner cares to keep its bouquets charming customers. But, in fact, delivery is a key part of the flower business. 

Moreover, getting bouquets delivery at exactly the right time (usually the exact same day) is crucial. That's why we've gathered the best software to automate florists' work.

Here are 5 best programs to help you improve the quality of your flower delivery service.

1. Shifton

Shifton's automated online service is an easy way for a flower store owner to schedule delivery service employees, track staff hours and attendance, and communicate with their workers on shift by using iOS and Android apps. 

Manage your flower delivery service shifts with just a few clicks. Shifton also supports integrations with many popular accounting programs, so you can greatly simplify the payroll process and avoid human error.

2. Details Flowers Software

Details Flowers software is an intuitive and easy to use all-in-one solution for flower stores and florists. This software tracks costs, margins, payments, inventory and sales, connecting florists with suppliers around the world. 

Details Flowers Software helping florists make more money by optimizing offerings, as well as providing just-in-time management of flower delivery service.

3. Floranext

Floranext was created by florists for florists. This software will help you open a florist store, run/manage your business, grow faster and earn more income.

Florist Point-of-Sale/Shop Manager module allows you to organize your flower delivery service properly. It allows you to handle retail/phone orders, manage online flower delivery, and also provides a mobile app for drivers with step-by-step instructions.  

4. Hana POS

Hana POS helps you manage your flower store with an easy-to-manage order screen, customer screen, dispatch service overview and driver routing screen.

E-service integration, optimized routes, customer portal, address and business search, suggestion module, mobile app with digital signature, and feedback module will be most useful for your flower delivery service. 

5. Lobiloo

Lobiloo is a simple floral estimating tool that helps florists create visual invoices for clients. As a result, bouquet delivery times can be significantly reduced.

In addition, the Lobiloo platform is useful for boutique decorators, florists, and wedding event organizers, as this program allows users to create design projects, estimate costs, and more.

Choose any solution out of the above! Now, your store's flower office can manage requests, proposals, orders, invoices, payments, and your customers and staff easily with cloud-based software.