Streamline your commercial cleaning services with a single easy-to-use app

Published: 06-12-2023

Do you know that running your business in the niche of cleaning services can be even easier when you have a special cleaning scheduling app at your hand? In times of overall automation and digitalization, cleaning businesses also take these principles as armor. That’s not only about using new-gen cleaning devices. That’s also about the implementation of special scheduling software for cleaning services in order to manage the operation impeccably. Do you want to learn more about this opportunity? Then let’s consider Shifton as an example of an automation tool of that kind.

What are the challenges faced by cleaning companies in the organization of the work process?

You run a cleaning company, and you doubtlessly have at least once faced one of these challenges, haven’t you?

There is great news. All these troubles can be diminished when you decide to implement a bit of business automation into your cleaning company’s routines, namely, by introducing a cleaning scheduling app.

What problems does the cleaning planning application solve?

The main idea of any cleaning business software is to create a convenient ecosystem for the company to operate, communicate, and check results simultaneously. In particular, Shifton works 100% that way. What can be solved using a housekeeping scheduling app like Shifton?

Advantages of using the Shifton application

Besides enhanced opportunities of the Shifton cleaning scheduling app, more benefits await for you.

A smarter format for your cleaning scheduling

No more time-consuming and messy paperwork! Instead of creating numerous Docs, Excel spreadsheets, notes, and other papers, you use the one tool which provides you with all necessary check-ins, assignment templates, payroll graphs, etc.

This smart tool is more than just a document aggregator. In Shifton, you can design your templates and add to them fields, dates etc. You can customize your paperwork within the software to make it efficient and convenient for your company personally.

Access and use the cleaning scheduling app from anywhere

There is no need to stick to your office computer or laptop to operate with Shifton. Get access to the software via the Internet from anywhere. This increases the flexibility of your solutions and the whole operation of the company as you can change the schedule, provide staff replacements and collect their checkouts from anywhere.

Set up automated procedures for repetitive or important workflows

You can implement automation with the help of cleaning services scheduling software on various levels.

Allow a flexible schedule

With the Shifton cleaning services scheduling software, you can adjust the schedule to changing circumstances with ease. Did someone get ill? No problem! Just enter the app and replace a sick employee with another by changing shifts! The same works with days off, sick days, holidays, and any emergent need for making changes in the schedule.

Generate cleaning reports in a single click

Analysis and reporting is an indispensable part of business management. With Shifton, you do not need to collect reports from your employees or sit at Excel for hours trying to sum up data. That is done automatically by your cleaning services scheduling software. You just select what you want to get as a report, and it will be provided in a comprehensive and structured form.

Payroll for hours worked. Automatic calculation

Wage arrangements with overtime, assign bonuses and penalties, and provide your employees with transparent information about how much they earned this month. All that is possible in this cleaning scheduling app. That option eases your life (or your accountant’s life) and minimizes the possibility of errors in payroll.

Motivate your employees with overtime bonuses

Shifton is your helper in the staff motivation. The software allows you to develop a bonus system to reward your best workers and assign penalties for those who work badly. That’s the best motivation as your staff considers you as a loyal and fair boss who takes care of overworking employees and provides a fair policy for those who are lazy or useless.

Most problems in cleaning businesses are related to time expenses and a lack of communication. And both these reasons can be removed by adding automation solutions like Shifton. With the help of a cleaning scheduling app, you can make the whole process of work from receiving applications from clients to paying salaries to your staff streamlined and flawless.