Comparing two online work scheduling services: Shifton&Deputy

Published: 15-11-2023

Shifton Vs. Deputy. Choosing the best online work scheduling service

By scheduling employees correctly, a company owner can significantly reduce labor costs and increase profits. We want you to use the best tools to maximize your benefits. 

Today we're going to look at two popular online work scheduling services: Shifton and Deputy. 


shifton logo

Shifton's automated online service allows companies of any size to reduce labor costs by 10-30% through robust scheduling, shift-sharing, communication and employee engagement tools. 

Shifton is best for any size business and many industries, from small family-owned companies to national-wide chains.



Here's the way Shifton can help your company: 

Referral program for service users allows to receive 10% of the payment of the brought client for life.


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Deputy is a state-of-the-art online HR management tool that allows managers to create company employee schedules in minutes and publish at the click of a mouse.

Additionally, Deputy helps manage employee vacations, track time and attendance, and synchronize timesheets with payroll. 

This scheduling app integrates with leading payroll, POS, and HR systems and gives you a smooth experience from day one.


Deputy can be useful for hospitality, retail, delivery services, and other industries requiring personnel management.

Shifton vs. Deputy comparison 

As you can see, both Shifton and Deputy have many useful features. Let’s compare their functional capabilities in the table so you can make your choice easier.

review shifton deputyreview deputy shifton

A Shifton vs. Deputy comparison showed that both of these work scheduling apps offer many solutions for businesses requiring personnel management. 

But Shifton has an important advantage: its price! In addition, this service is actively being developed and customized to the individual client's requirements. 

Surely, Shifton offers you much more!