Scheduling software for real estate and property management: what is it and which tasks to perform with it

Published: 10-03-2024

Being a real estate agent is a task that consists of multiple functions, huge data, and constant communication with property sellers, buyers, and developers, although most of these functions can be delegated to special software for real estate management. Are you surprised? Then, let's talk in detail about how real estate software for property management and scheduling helps businesses maintain the highest level of services and, thus, high customer satisfaction.

If you want to succeed in the competitive real estate industry, it’s crucial to go ahead of other agents. This means that you shall not limit yourself to one location and get as many property offers to sell as it is possible. A real estate showing scheduler will come in handy to help you streamline your business and team.

Real estate scheduling apps do not limit you just to scheduling routines. They go far and also help you with multiple tasks you may have:

If you organize your schedule well, you will maximize the number of appointments and showings, which will have a direct impact on your commission check.

The Features of the Best Property Management Software in 2024

Let’s break down how software for real estate management can simplify your day-to-day routines, and which of its features come in handy specifically for real estate agents:

Job scheduling option

When you have a team working for you, you need to schedule their work, disperse the load, and check their assignments to provide a flawless operation of the agency which brings you clientele and thus, profit. An opportunity to build optimal schedules for your employees based on each employee’s submitted availability and job qualifications is what you can appreciate in modern real estate scheduling software. In Shifton, for example, you can add all relevant information, such as location and tasks, and share assignments with your employees online, so your staff has everything they need to perform at their best on their mobile phones. Everyone gets their share of the work, and you avoid drawbacks and overlaps due to the use of a thought-out real estate scheduler. 

Digital tasks, forms, and checklists for your best operations

When you have a shared field for simultaneous work with your team, you can streamline the whole workflow. Besides, this option can be used both for your employees’ tasks and for your personal task management plans.

Manage your facilities with ease

When you’re running a real estate agency, working as a freelance real estate agent, conducting an inspection service, or facilities management business, you need full oversight of all your resources at a glance. That is what real estate software for property management is used for. With it, you can indicate all the facilities and housing, add them to the list, manage them, and distribute tasks that concern these facilities to your staff. The main benefits you get from such solutions are as follows:

Ensure the safety and performance of your field staff

Real estate shift scheduling software allows you to equip your brokers, agents, inspectors, and field staff with the necessary tools to do great work, including digital safety forms and secure site sign-in and out. Besides, when your staff is in the field, they do not need to spend time after completion of their tasks to develop reports. In the best app for realtors Shifton, checklists and reports can be filled in remotely, from a mobile phone, and even on the go, which simplifies the working process.

Improve customer experience

Shifton, as an example of the best planner for real estate agents, delivers all the capabilities you need to drive a customer experience to a higher level due to advanced functionality including the following built-in tools:

As a result, when you transmit numerous operations to the online field in real estate scheduling software, you get multiple benefits from streamlining all these processes to quicker completion of deals, and higher customer service.

What Are the Benefits of Property Management Software for Real Estate Businesses?

The main benefits of using special software for real estate management refer to its helpful essence and the thoroughly designed tools that are integrated into it.

Times when for successful operation of real estate businesses, you needed just a paper planer and a calculator, are long gone. Today, to stay ahead of your competitors and gain more clients and profitable deals, you need to be fast, and client-oriented, provide agile and informed decisions, and develop synergy in your team. That all can be reached by using high technologies. In 2024, a real estate scheduler is a must for agents and agency owners. Moreover, if this scheduler is as advanced as Shifton, you gain even more benefits and develop an ecosystem that is useful for your staff communication.