How easy to manage the staff in the hotel and not waste a lot of time?

Published: 16-03-2024


Being a hotelier or a CEO in the hospitality business provides you with multiple duties, challenges, and emergencies which can be overcome using employee management software for hotels. It’s not a secret that a lion’s share of processes in any hotel is related to mutual communication with your staff. In hotels, you have lots of employees as usual. Even if it is a family business, you cannot run it alone.

This fact leads to a new one: most difficulties and blunders you may face while trying to put your hotel business on its feet occur due to the lack of timely and effective communication between you and your staff. In Shifton, we clearly understand that and we can help you to cope with such situations by sharing our experience and our hotel scheduling software.

How to manage hotel staff: keys for success

Your staff should work seamlessly because your hotel’s reputation and your clients’ loyalty depend greatly on their operation. This means that you should think out all possible challenges which may mitigate all the efforts you make to create a flawless hotel. Especially these ones need your consideration:

Besides your efforts on how to mitigate these issues, employee management software for hotels may come in handy in checkout and adjustment of your staff operation. Save time, consider communication channels to reach out to your staff timely, but firstly, analyze which issues happen in your operation regularly to work on them.

Сommunication issues in the hospitality industry

The first and foremost thing you need to provide is communication in the hotel industry. You need your managers to timely book rooms for clients and inform maids about which rooms need to be cleaned. You need to get timely information about who and when starts the shift today and who will come to the shift tomorrow. Your bartenders have to inform about which supplies they need for the bar, and the security service has to provide timely reports. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and communication is what forms the basis for success. What happens when it lacks?

Sounds sad, doesn’t it? Yet, you need just one thing besides your time for keeping hotels. That’s staff scheduling software for hotels, which helps to cope with multiple issues at once.

Automation of staff management and planning

When you get Shifton’s employee management software for hotels, you get an all-purpose tool in your hand.

  1. Your staff won’t miss their shifts or overwork due to a GPS-powered time clock which helps to clock in and out directly from their mobile devices.
  2. You create schedules for all teams as simply as possible due to integrated hotel employee schedule templates.
  3. You get instant information about your establishment’s operation using automated reporting in the software.
  4. You make daily tasks and operations streamlined, and time management is more effective in this case.
  5. Automated human resources tasks help you with a more efficient and personalized hiring and onboarding process.
  6. You get a framework for communication and information of your staff where employees can access important information while on the go as Shifton works as employee mobile apps for hotels.
  7. Getting feedback from your staff is essential, and you get a digital social feed that promotes employee engagement and collaboration.
  8. Seamless payroll and accounting integration with QuickBooks Online – that’s what helps you to calculate salaries fairly and quickly and motivate good employees automatically.

How to improve the management of a work team?

Efficient team management in the hospitality industry can make all the difference in customer satisfaction and overall business success. With Shifton, you can use the following tips and enjoy the results almost instantly.

These tips can help you with easily managing a hotel even if your team is of 100+ employees.

Employee management software for hospitality

With robust employee management software for hotels, you can more efficiently schedule employees and flexibly replace them in case of emergency.

Communication is the basis of effective hotel management. Yet, providing it can be a complex task. Thanks to the availability of modern automation tools, you can delegate a part of communication and interaction processes in your staff to that solution. Today, Shifton offers hotel businesses a multipurpose automation tool which helps with staff management, shift management, emergent situations solutions, recruiting and motivating your team. Just pick it and use it to get success with this employee mobile app for hotels.