5 Best Work Shift Scheduling Systems in 2023

Published: 15-11-2023

Comparison of the Top 5 Work Shift Scheduling Systems in 2023

Work shift scheduling and employee scheduling play a crucial role in effectively organizing business operations. With the emergence of new online services designed to simplify this process, companies find it much easier to cope with the challenges of scheduling shifts and vacations.

In this article, we present the five best work shift scheduling systems in 2023. Let's examine their features and advantages to help you determine the optimal solution for your business.

1. Shifton

Shifton is an intuitive online application with a wide range of features that enable efficient management of companies, projects, and creating schedules. Users can easily set preferred working hours, request time off, or exchange shifts with colleagues.

One notable feature of Shifton is the ability to receive push notifications about shift changes and completed tasks. Moreover, the development team continuously improves the service by regularly adding new modules and capabilities.

As of the beginning of 2023, customers of this online application have had the opportunity to try two brand-new modules: Work Location Control and Vacation Management, and feedback suggests they are highly satisfied with these new additions.

2. Connecteam

Connecteam is a multifunctional platform designed not only for creating work schedules but also for task management and team communication. With Connecteam, you can create schedules in just a few minutes and easily share them with your team.

Additionally, you can create open shifts and exchange employees, making the scheduling process even more flexible.

3. When I Work

When I Work is software designed for companies that frequently change work shifts. This online tool simplifies schedule creation, time tracking, and enhances communication within the team.

When I Work also allows for quick management of time-off requests and easy shift replacements in case of employee absences.

4. Deputy

Deputy offers a broad set of features for work shift scheduling and time tracking. This intuitive application allows for flexible scheduling, tracking employee working hours, and easy management of time-off requests.

Deputy also provides the ability to view employee locations using GPS data.

5. Shiftbase

Shiftbase is a program for creating schedules and managing work hours, providing user-friendly and flexible functionalities. Shiftbase enables schedule management for different departments and employees, easy shift replacements, and time-off requests.

Furthermore, seamless integration with other programs, such as accounting systems, streamlines the time tracking process.

Each of the presented work shift scheduling systems - Shifton, Connecteam, When I Work, Deputy, and Shiftbase - has its advantages and is suitable for various types of businesses. However, Shifton stands out with its user-friendliness and diverse features. Most impressively, the developers offer full customization to meet the specific needs of your company!

Of course, choosing the right system heavily depends on your business's unique requirements, size, and structure. Therefore, before making a decision, we recommend conducting a thorough comparison and testing of each system to ensure effective shift scheduling and management in 2023.