Comparing two online work scheduling services: Shifton&When I Work

Published: 15-11-2023

Shifton Vs. When I Work. Choosing the best online work scheduling service

Good employee scheduling helps significantly reduce labor costs (up to 30%) and maximize company profits. 

We would like you to use the right tools to maximize your benefits. That's why today we're reviewing two automated work scheduling services: Shifton and When I Work. It's up to you to decide which one is best for your business.


shifton logoShifton is a simple and intuitive online work scheduling application specifically created to optimize time and resources for employee work schedules. 

With Shifton you can create optimal work schedules (the system automatically assigns shifts to employees), form project teams, keep records of working time and salary statistics, assign tasks to employees and monitor fulfillment. 

One of the developers' latest features is the ability to exchange shifts between employees (with or without notifying the manager). In addition, new languages are regularly added to the system.

Another useful offer for Shifton users is the referral program. If you join it, you can get 10% of your referred client's payment for life.

The service is available both as a Web version and as a Mobile App on Android and iOS. Recently, for companies with fewer than 100 employees, a free version of Shifton is available with key shift scheduling functionality (including locations, tagging, mass actions and automatic scheduling templates). The paid version costs from $0.5 per employee/month.

When I Work

when i work logoWhen I Work is a full-featured application with a simple user interface combining everything you need to really manage your workforce. This service is suitable for any business requiring management of hourly worker schedules.

There are several different plans in the When I Work program, which makes it quite flexible. The service allows you to easily schedule and communicate with employees, send timetables, shift work schedules, and request updates. 

The work schedule is always in every employee's pocket as a free mobile app for Android and iPhone.

When I Work is also capable of navigating Google Maps and helps generate timesheets to track workflow.

Shifton Vs.When I Work

Since both Shifton and When I Work offer many useful features, let's compare their functionality in the table so you can make your choice easier.

shifton when i work comparing

The best employee scheduling app should suit your budget, fit your team and solve your problems. Also important is the ability to integrate with the tools you already use. 

Comparing Shifton and When I Work, you can see that both of these work scheduling apps offer many solutions for your business. But Shifton does have an important advantage - the service is actively evolving and is constantly being refined for each specific customer's needs. 

So we're sure that Shifton could offer you so much more!