How to improve employee performance in a restaurant

Published: 02-01-2024
Learn how to improve employee performance in a restaurant in this article


Have you ever faced such a product as a restaurant scheduling app? If not, probably, it’s time to consider which processes, assignments, and routines can be performed with the help of special software for personnel management in restaurants. Get the expertise from Shifton’s developers to apply the best features of such products in your workflow.

Being a restaurant manager is an endless run. You have to cope with multiple tasks and at once, control numerous staff from a chef and sous-chefs to couriers, suppliers, cleaners, etc. Besides, numerous emergencies can kick you off the process, and it’s fully your responsibility, although standard tasks also cannot be delayed. All of that on top of the everyday tasks from scheduling to payroll to reporting can catch up to you.

Yet, you are not alone in this endless routine, as Shifton takes care of restaurant managers to ease their lives with the help of a single tool which can be a skeleton key for you.

You probably won’t be surprised by the automation in the restaurant business. Yet, a special app for restaurant management can help you start spending more time doing what you love and saving your nerve cells.

Restaurant management tips for happy employees benefits

Whether you’re using sales forecasts and labor targets to create restaurant employee scheduling or processing payroll, Shifton gives you the tools you need every step of the way. With the help of Shifton’s scheduling app for restaurants, you can automate and perform the following processes in a streamlined mode:

Your best thing to do to get a happy crew is to communicate with them. In terms of a single restaurant, it is already complicated as everyone is in motion. What to say about network establishments, then? With Shifton’s restaurant management application, you provide your staff with a communication channel to reach out to one another and you as well. You may watch in real-time how communication in a common environment helps to reduce misunderstanding, and thus, numerous drawbacks, how it gets you higher loyalty from your staff and makes them happier while their working load remains the same.

Improve your personnel’s performance with work schedule tips

For a restaurant, having a clear and thought-out schedule is a must. You need your chefs and their assistants to be at work at a scheduled time. Suppose that you do not schedule your cleaners to start preparing the restaurant’s hall to meet visitors at all its glance. You need waiters to be strictly ready to start serving customers timely. Your reputation is endangered if any part of this operation fails due to scheduling mistakes.

Using an automated restaurant staff scheduler is a magic key. It helps increase employees’ productivity and boost your revenue. Let’s consider how to decide on the type of schedule for your establishment and which tips to use to make it work flawlessly.

Scheduling software for restaurants

With the help of software for personnel management, you can create a basic set of scheduling policies and stick to them. That forms the basis for the whole operation, and it helps you to manage how far in advance you will publish schedules and how far in advance employees need to make time-off requests. You can also include setting minimum hours for each employee or designating particular shifts as high-traffic (and thus better for tips) using a scheduling app for restaurants.

As a result:

Employee engagement

Here we come to the next step. You need to maintain the highest engagement of your team to provide your restaurant's flawless work. With an automated system for restaurant management, you can give your team real-time feedback on their performance, and timely advice and get their feedback. Software for restaurant management like Shifton provides managers and employees with a convenient communication channel and helps your team feel supported and engaged at work.

Employee retention

In the restaurant business, employee turnover seems natural, but it is a huge challenge at once, as finding and hiring real pros who won't let you down is hard. Running your restaurant efficiently is to show your employees that you respect their time and value their talent, to make them engaged and loyal to their job. An effective restaurant management system is a key part of building a positive environment. Thus, do not neglect the staff that you have but at once, evaluate their efficiency to decide on strengthening the team with new employees or motivating your current personnel to work better. With Shifton's software for restaurant management, you can check and evaluate the efficiency of each worker using multiple parameters including working hours, overwork, customer satisfaction levels, etc.

Fast notifications and reminders

Do you want your staff to perform their duties tip-top? Is it crucial for them to cope with multiple tasks you set? Do not leave even a chance to miss something or forget about assignments. Automated shift reminders which are integrated in scheduling software for restaurants can considerably reduce no-shows or missed tasks. Just develop notifying text messages or push notifications and adjust settings to send them to employees’ mobile devices at a certain time. The same refers to alerting messages in case of emergencies, notifications about corporate events, or future team-building meetings if you hold them.

Collect data and use it thoughtfully

At the end of each day, take notes on how your staff coped with the daily routines, which drawbacks were crucial, and which work required reward. You can also analyze the efficiency of each shift to consider If you’re consistently understaffed or overstaffed during a specific shift. All that data is easily tracked in Shifton's system for restaurant management. Just take it and use this data to adjust your schedule accordingly, build your management strategy, and report on the results to a restaurant owner.

Improve productivity with hi-tech solutions embodied in the Shifton restaurant scheduling app

Restaurant management tools benefit your entire team, from hosts and waiters to chefs. When you maintain higher efficiency of operations and streamlined communication using software solutions, this results in a stressful work environment for everyone.

Which types of technologies are on guard of the restaurant business? Let's consider it.

Employee scheduling software

With the help of automation, you can forget about daunting work with spreadsheets, tables, paper schedules, and plans.

Instead, restaurant employee scheduling software which is based on cloud technologies, provides you and your staff with the following features:

Task management software

Setting tasks using special staff management software? That is truly the best way to keep your restaurant running smoothly. In Shifton, you can make checklists for every worker from chef to server, and control their completion. From cleaning flat tops to refilling sanitizers, it’s easy for tasks to get lost in the shuffle.

That’s where task management software comes in.

Employee communications tools

When it comes to employee communications, texting, and phone calls are the most popular communication channels. Yet, they are not good for restaurants where each worker remains in constant motion and has no time to check SMSs or answer calls. The best idea is to provide your employees with a shared environment to communicate with you and with each other. In terms of a system for restaurant management, it comes in handy for the following reasons:

Shifton provides a secure, business-centric communication tool that allows you to share schedules and announcements instantly. It also makes it easier for your employees to request time off and address payroll concerns like missing punches.

Timekeeping restaurants

Time-keeping restaurant software is a must-have tool. With time-clocking software, employees clock in and out with the touch of a button. Plus, the software syncs directly with your payroll to automatically calculate hours worked.

Restaurant time clocking software can also help prevent early clock-ins, cutting back on labor costs. It solves the problem with enforced break times and shift lengths. The software will quickly calculate overtime and keep secure records of your team’s hours.

Payroll automation

Using restaurant employee management software is a great alternative to hiring a payroll specialist or providing your accounting department with an additional load to calculate salaries. Instead, you have all working hours tracked and payroll calculated instantly in Shifton. This automates wage calculations, overtime pay, and tax and benefit withholdings. There’s no relying on manual calculations, so you’ll have fewer payroll errors and spend less time at the computer.

As every type of software that we indicated there is useful, getting all of them in one tool is a godsend. That's what Shifton offers to restaurant managers. Payroll software syncs directly with your time clock and scheduling software in Shifton, and you get a singularized environment for most management tasks and operations.

What are the benefits of restaurant management software?

The most significant benefits of Shifton for the restaurant management goals are as follows:

Thus, using restaurant management software, you improve the whole restaurant business operation, remove possibilities of mistakes and drawbacks, and manage your team more easily. The results are good for you as a manager, as you work efficiently and hassle-free, and for your team, as its members can satisfy their customers and get reasonable rewards for their efforts.