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Main leadership skills for top managers. Continuation

In the previous part of this article, we’ve talked about only a portion of leadership skills any good top manager should have. This part is going to discuss such character traits as a good sense of humor, curiosity, the ability to negotiate and delegate authority. Let’s begin.

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Key techniques of effective employee communication

Relationships between employer and staff members are the basis of forming a microclimate in any organization. Many CEOs fail to learn the principles of effective employee communication and believe that they innately possess effective communication skills. Let's not forget that we live in ever-changing and dynamic times. The modern job mar...

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Retail management tips that will take your business to the top

Many retail shop managers lack the skills and knowledge required to properly manage their staff. They might find it difficult to keep track of all of the employees, shifts, and replacements required for a smooth business workflow.

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Main leadership skills for top managers

Everybody knows the old saying’ “People aren’t born good leaders, they become them”. Is this true and which leadership traits one has to possess in order to be a good top manager? We tried answering this question when writing this article. Perhaps, all of us dreamed of becoming leaders and big bosses once in a while, o...

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Scheduling software — is it worth it?

Creating employee schedules plays a crucial role in the work organization. A business that operates 8 hours a day has a different schedule from the one with a 24/7 cycle. Companies can implement different solutions for calculating and paying salaries, make adjustments based on employee preferences and company demands.

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The perfect way of call center work schedule management

Many companies use contact centers as a means of communicating with their client base. The way operators handle themselves with callers can lead to new customers as well as keep healthy relationships with long-time clients.

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Time management tips for small business owners

Time is one of the most valuable resources at the disposal of a small company owner. There are a few things that help save time

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Workforce demand forecasting

We often face the notion of planning in our daily lives. Once a year we meticulously and thoroughly plan our trips, less often thinking about changing our workplace or celebrating anniversaries and wedding days. Of course, almost all of us plan how the monthly budget should be spent and how family funds are going to be distributed. Unfortunat...

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How to effortlessly adjust to a night shift schedule

Most workers have a regular Monday to Friday work week with typical 9 - 10 AM to 6 - 7 PM workday. However, this method of scheduling employees doesn’t suit organizations and companies that have to work round-the-clock: hospitals, call-centers, and fire departments, just to name a few.

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