Shifton - Work Location Control

Accessible Integrations

Managing a business is active teamwork. The same is correct for tools used, so we team up with many popular systems to provide you with better workflows, data exchange, and access to our API to make custom integrations.

Integrate your favorite tools: QuickBooks, 1C, etc. *

HR, Payroll, or Task management, you can use any of these systems, and we make your life easier by integrating them. Take a look at the list of existing integrations and reach out. If you don’t see one you use - let’s talk and figure out how Shifton can help you.

Open API to create custom integrations

You may have your custom system and require custom integrations logics. All Shifton functionality is open for integration, and you can do nearly everything with it.

Order Tool Integration

Need new integrations or features? We are here to listen and execute. Tell us about your needs, and we will do our best to provide you with the right solution.

* Function being developed

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