Work Location Сontrol for small businesses

Published: 21-11-2022

Work Location Сontrol by Shifton is a great solution for small businesses

Sure, there are plenty of apps that help track employees at a location. But, as a rule, these are cumbersome, expensive and complex solutions that small businesses cannot afford.

Shifton's Work Location Control module is a solution that does its job effectively, doesn't hit the budget, and provides basic monitoring of mobile employees. 

You get:
✅ The ability not to overpay for unnecessary features. You'll keep track of how the employee has moved and whether they've been to all work locations (calls, delivery points, etc.).
✅ A simple, intuitive interface that doesn't require deep learning.
✅ The company pays exactly for the number of employees, which is relevant to it right now. 

The new module "Work location control" by Shifton 

By connecting the module "Work location control", you can solve several problems at the same time.
✅ No additional forms of control (for example, recording conversations from a smartphone). Only the main specific function of the employee - location and motion - is monitored. 
✅ Ease of use (respectively, quick start and mastering).
✅ Possibility of individual customization to meet your company's requirements.

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Happy planning!