Why is Work Location Control the best solution for tracking employees in the field

Published: 12-01-2023

Work Location Control is the best solution for tracking field employees

If you're looking for an app to track traveling employees, Shifton is the best all-in-one business solution. The new "Work Location Control" module provides not only GPS-based location tracking, but also work time tracking, as well as sequential tasks without returning to the office and more.

Shifton makes it easy for a manager to see the real-time location of all employees on the field. As a result, it's easy to move people around to ensure that work tasks are completed efficiently. For example, a manager can assign the nearest employee to assist when needed.

Any movement of personnel is instantly corrected in work schedules, and all field employees receive sms alerts of schedule/task changes without arriving at the office. 

In addition, the manager can see information about the status of the task and how much time each employee needs to complete the task. Moreover, an employee can only complete a task when he/she is at a fixed location.

We remind you that Shifton is available for iOS and Android. The basic functionality is completely free for small businesses (up to 100 employees). The entry-level basic plan includes many useful features (Shifts Swapping, Schedule Creation Wizard, Push and Email notifications, etc.), so it can boost productivity significantly.

And you can try all of Shifton's features for 1 month absolutely free. We are confident that our new Work Location Control module is the best solution for tracking employees in the field.