Why Shifton is the best tool for call centers

Published: 26-07-2022

7 important factors that make Shifton the best solution for any call center

Choosing the right software for call centers has become not a privilege, but a necessity. Moreover, the key point in choosing a particular program for a call center is the availability of all the necessary functions for the efficient and uninterrupted workflow.

When choosing a call center program, it is important to consider 7 factors that guarantee business profitability. Today you will come to know why Shifton is the best service for outsourcing companies in 2021.

Required functions

It is crucial that the call center software provides all the necessary functions that simplify the work of operators and managers.

Shifton helps you to significantly save time and effort on compilation of shifts and schedules. The “Shifts swapping” option removes unnecessary burden from managers, since it allows employees to independently swap their shifts, involving managers only to approve the swap. Thus, the manager saves time and effort in finding replacements for employees.

Team management

Call center teams can be large or small, company systems can be complex, and branch offices located across the country or even all over the world. Shifton offers great team management tools - from multi-level access and structured accounts to assigning and tracking tasks with checklists.

Due to the fact that Shifton takes into account different time zones, you can manage employees remotely.

The extensive functionality of Shifton allows you to work from anywhere having all the necessary tools at hand. This makes it possible to offer services to customers around the world remotely as well.


Call center software must scale with your business and adapt to both the number of customers and the complexity of their needs and requests.

Shifton supports scheduling for an unlimited number of employees. The size of the company is not critical - Shifton allows you to build its structure taking into account all projects, work schedules, job hierarchy and other conditions.

Reporting and monitoring

Analysis and control functions in the call center software help you achieve maximum efficiency. Shifton offers powerful reporting tools that display extensive statistical information about a company's performance.

Combined with tools for planning and tracking attendance, such reports provide complete information on achievements, planned and completed tasks, help you predict future costs and receive a signal to optimize processes in the company right in time.

Perfect integration

Call center software should integrate seamlessly with CRM, e-commerce platform, and existing help desk as needed.

Shifton offers integrations with many popular software (1C, Oracle, NetSuit, QuickBooks, etc.) to improve workflows, data exchange and API access. The list of integrations is constantly expanding.

SMS, email and push notifications

Shifton offers the option of SMS, email and push notifications that are sent to employees when they create schedules or make changes to schedules.

Thus, all important data is received by the right people at the right time.


When choosing a call center program, price is definitely one of the important factors. We recommend starting with a free trial critically reviewing your results.

Shifton lets you use just the right amount of modules and only pay for those you use. For two months, you can try all the functionality of the application absolutely free. After this period, the cost for one employee will be from $0.5 to $4 (depending on the number of selected modules).

Choose Shifton - The Perfect Call Center Solution

The right software will be an excellent foundation for the effective functioning of your company. Considering the above factors, the best results will undoubtedly be achieved with Shifton, the ultimate call center scheduling software. This software not only allows you to integrate all communication channels with the client, but also provides a number of other useful features.

Drawing up work schedules and shifts, accounting for employee attendance, shifts swapping, analysis and reporting - this is only a partial list of Shifton online app features!

Want to make sure? Welcome to Shifton! Register and try all the features of our online application for 1 months for free! https://shifton.com/en