Wondering How to Track Employee Hours? Check This Out!

Published: 09-03-2024

Time management tips for beginners

You should track employee hours to ensure your employees are paid for all their hours and billed accurately for projects. Getting it right shie­lds you from payroll hassles and ensures your compliance­. Each company has its own approach. So, we at Shifton are on a mission to share our insights on the significance­ of monitoring hours and the most effective­ methods to go about it. Stay tuned — it's beneficial for any business!

Why Would You Track Employee Hours

Working on employee time management helps you understand how your team spends their hours, boosting productivity, improving project planning, and managing costs effectively. Here is why:

5 Simple Methods to Track Employee Hours

Now that you understand why call center time tracking is a big deal and its relevance to any business, let's check out the five most common ways to do it. Let's get started:

1. Tracking Hours Manually

If you're new to tracking time, the simplest way to start is the old-fashioned way. Get your team to fix the time when they start and finish. But be warned: adding up hours by hand can be a bit of a chore, and mistakes are bound to happen.

2. Using Paper Timesheets

Paper timesheets are a step up from jotting things down on paper. Instead, you fill in hours on a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets. Thanks to the magic of formulas, it's easier to add up the total hours. This method works well for small teams where you don't want to spend too much time on it.

3. Work Timesheet Apps

Time tracking software monitors employee hours on salary, hourly, or contract. It works on computers and phones and even plugs into work timesheet apps, making it super easy to manage time.

Such applications assist in monitoring chargeable­ and non-chargeable time, which is fantastic for maintaining e­fficiency and oversee­ing financial plans. There are loads of options for time keeping hotels, restaurants, medical centers, call centers, real estate time-tracking software, and any other businesses. Amazing!

4. Time Clocks

A punch clock is a simple solution for businesses where everyone's mostly in one or two spots. Employees punch in and out, which is handy for places like factories where they're not always on computers or phones.

Setting up a time clock costs a bit upfront, but it's a one-time thing that makes tracking hours a breeze.

5. GPS Check-In

A regular tracking hours app might not do the trick if your team is always on the go. That's where GPS tracking comes in. With GPS apps, you can see exactly where your crew is at. And it's not just for paying them — it can also help determine other bonuses based on their performance. Are you interested? Let’s look at it closer!

How Employee GPS Tracking Works

Employee GPS tracking is all about using GPS tech to track employee hours as they go about their workday. It is convenient for businesses with folks on the move, like delivery services or field technicians. In agriculture, prope­rty management, logistics, delivery, or construction, timesheet software amplifies productivity, completes tasks effectively, and ensures safety.

Big names like UPS use this tech to make their delivery routes slicker, while utility companies send out their repair crews faster. Automating time monitoring makes things run smoother and keeps the team safe.

Here's how it works: Employees carry GPS-enabled gadgets, such as smartphones or special trackers. These gadgets send location data to a central system, which allows managers to monitor where everyone is in real-time, spot trends in the data, and tweak operations as needed.

Here's a Final Thought to Consider

It's essential to keep track of how much your team works. It helps you make smart business decisions, like ensuring everyone's doing their best, following the rules, and getting paid right. GPS apps are a popular choice for keeping track. They're easy to use, especially on phones, and they don't cost much. They also come with cool features like showing where your team is in real-time and making reports.

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