The perfect way of call center work schedule management

Published: 26-07-2022
Manage employee schedules easily with our advice

Many companies use contact centers as a means of communicating with their client base. The way operators handle themselves with callers can lead to new customers as well as keep healthy relationships with long-time clients.

Call center scheduling challenges

In many cases, call centers work on behalf of international companies. Managers hire operators who have to work in different time zones. This can lead to confusion with working hours, shifts and worker distribution.

This can, in turn, harm the call centers’ workflow, lead to negative feedback and decreased income. A call center can avoid this situation if it implements proper work schedule management. Currently, there are several types of worker timetables:


This type of work schedule is more appropriate for call centers that work for local markets. Employees have an 8-hour shift and a 1-hour lunchtime. Operators aren’t able to choose the time of their break. Lunchtime can be had only 4 hours into the shift. As a rule, this type of timetable has only two shifts: from 8 AM to 4 PM and from 4 PM to 12 AM.


This scenario also offers 8-hour shifts. The “American” type doesn’t allow changing the time when shifts start. It doesn't allow operators to choose the most suitable time. With that in mind, the scenario allows to go for lunch during any time of the workday, as well as asking for breaks.


The British schedule type is considered to be the most effective for workforce organization in call centers. Not only does it cut costs, but also improves employee performance. This schedule type offers 4/8-hour shifts. Employees can choose when their shifts begin and can take a lunch break anytime during the working hours.

Call centers that switch to the “British” model of work hour management will see their workers' performance and attitude improve significantly. In turn, clients feel that they communicate with professionals and receive a high level of customer service.

Schedule tools

Using simple solutions, such as Microsoft Excel is not enough to make work schedules of different duration and with various numbers of operators. They can’t be used to plan schedules and keep track of breaks. Workforce management tools allow creating a perfect schedule.

The Shifton service is a perfect solution to set up a “British” schedule for a call center. The service allows to set shift start time, allows to take breaks and vacations, supports a flexible lunchtime. It allows a call center to create a schedule for any kind of staff.