Telemarketing and call center reporting

Published: 26-07-2022

How Shifton adds to call center reporting

elemarketing and statistics analysis is one of the most important activities in a call center. Indicators such as the number and duration of processed calls, the average waiting time for a client's response, KPIs of operators, etc., can be fully measured and employees' effectiveness can be evaluated very quickly.

Measuring call center performance

When telemarketing activities are limited to one or two employees, operational analytics are fairly straightforward and can be limited to tracking 2-3 metrics. This is quite enough for effective management of an advertising campaign.

On the other hand, as telemarketing projects scale up, it is always good to know a wider range of metrics that help manage call center performance. They make it easier to identify elements that have a positive or negative impact on the campaign's outcome.

There can be many of them, here are several examples: incorrect contact database, poorly trained team, inadequately scheduled shifts for personnel at certain hours, equipment breakdowns, etc.

Correctly designed and calculated measures can help identify areas that need improvement. And statistics received on time can help with this.

Call center statistical reports

When evaluating the work of a call center, one should pay attention not only to reports on closed leads but also to other reporting indicators - the number of processed calls, their duration and the level of service.

After analyzing the report for each call, one will receive mini-marketing research in fact. This helps to understand a lot about customers - what they prefer, what competing companies they use, and so on.

Another important indicator is the waiting time of customers on the line. During peak days on the call center team, delays in handling incoming calls can indirectly affect the level of customer satisfaction and for this reason, they can choose competitors. As a result, the company for which such a call center provides services will receive less potential profit, which means it will incur losses.

How can Shifton help in this case?

Based on information about worked shifts and breaks, Shifton provides detailed reports on multiple projects or a specific employee at the most detailed level. Such reporting, combined with other statistical information, allows you to identify peak days and optimally configure shifts and the number of operators on each of them.

Shifton also offers a payroll option that can be used to predict call center costs. This feature will save you from having to pay overtime due to more operator assignments.

The Shifton cloud service offers powerful reporting tools that display a lot of statistical information about the work of both the company as a whole and its individual employees. Combined with tools for planning and tracking attendance, these reports can display information about achievements, planned and completed tasks, predict future costs and optimize processes in the company in time.

Forecasts and reports obtained using the Shifton cloud service allow additional optimization of the call center with an unlimited number of employees. Thus, you will not only solve existing issues but also prevent their occurrence in the future.

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