Check the new Shifton module. Work location control

Published: 31-10-2022

Work location control. Where are your mobile employees?


Work location monitoring can be a convenient tool for tracking productivity and motivation. This module will be especially relevant for companies with field work.

Today we will tell you how Shifton's online service will help you control the visits of your clients and presence at workplaces.

Why do you need work location control?

Work location control is necessary for companies, whose specialists spend all day in the fields. These include security agencies, field masters in the B2C sphere, sales agents and merchandisers, and delivery service couriers. 

Most often, such employees work solo, and visit several sites during the day. Telephone calls and reports in this situation do not always provide reliable information, as there is always the risk of fraud. But Shifton has a solution - the new module "Work Location Control"

Our online service allows you to automate work location monitoring, even if you manage a large staff of field workers. Tracking takes place using the Shifton mobile app with a GPS tracker. The app is installed on your smartphone and tablet. And the company manager or CEO can track the presence of employees at the site from both a computer and a smartphone.

How does it work?

Our new work location control module functions in conjunction with the Tasks module and binds to the shift schedule.

When a task is assigned, the manager specifies the address where the task is to be performed. Once the employee arrives at the location, the application fixes it, and the worker can complete the task. If the employee is in another location when the task is completed, he cannot check it as completed.

An additional benefit of the Work Location Control module is a significant increase in productivity. Since employees are aware of the control, they can't report to work when they're at home, or check in on-site for their colleague.

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Happy scheduling!