How to stay focused at work

Published: 14-08-2023
Learn how to stay focused on work assignments and be on time with everything


Whether you work from home or from an office, you may have a hard time staying focused on work assignments. At home, Netflix’s new offers or a long nap can throw your whole schedule out the window. A desk job has its own distractions with kitchen banter and excessive use of social networks. Today we will help you focus on tasks.

Improve concentration by starting your day with a plan

Before you even get to work, you have to come up with a list of things you want to complete by the end of the day. By keeping track of tasks, you ensure that you will stick to the schedule. Psychologists claim that in some cases the brain requires a sizable amount of energy to process big volumes of information. This is why some people find it difficult to work on big projects. We recommend splitting huge tasks into several smaller assignments. That way it will be easier for you to see them through. For example, if you have a big document that you have to edit, don't try to process all of it at once. Instead, divide the text into several segments.

A good breakfast keeps you focused

Having a proper breakfast is vital for your performance. As recent studies have shown, it boosts metabolism and improves focus. Keep in mind that you can’t stuff yourself with whatever you want. We recommend that you make an omelet with greens and berries or have some fruits/oats with milk. You can also make a breakfast out of Greek yogurt, bananas and walnuts. All of these products contain protein that keeps the body energized through the day.

Get rid of all unnecessary apps

If you can’t help but spend your work days binging on social media apps and websites - shut them down. Do that by installing website and app blockers on your computer and smartphone. AppBlock, for example, restricts access to social media apps, including Facebook and Twitter. You can get back to them during the break or when you get home. The timeStats plugin for Google Chrome shows how much time people spend on various websites. This way you know the exact amount of time that is wasted on social media.

Improve concentration by taking short breaks

It's not necessary to arrive at work before your shift begins or skip lunchtime. It's best to work a number of hours with full dedication and make small breaks between them. Try isolating yourself from all of the ambient noises. Earbuds are sufficient in most cases. If you are not comfortable with working in complete silence, we suggest that you search for music that stimulates focus.

All of these tips are equally important. Creating a plan, eating healthy and isolating yourself from distractions, are crucial to improving your focus.