How to solve common work scheduling problems

Published: 26-07-2022

Difficulties in scheduling and solutions

If you are a manager in charge of a company's work schedule and you are reading this article, then most likely you experience issues with scheduling shifts for employees.

Here you will find three most common problems that arise during work schedule compilation, and best solutions for them. Start implementing today!

Issue №1: Last minute scheduling

Putting off shifts scheduling until the last minute is not a good idea. Managers in charge should make sure that the shift schedule is available as soon as possible so that the employees could make their own plans during the month. Otherwise, many workers will have to choose between personal matters and work.


Plan your schedules ahead of time to give all employees the opportunity to review the schedule and make changes if necessary. Numerous templates of the online service Shifton allow you to do this in just a few clicks!

Issue №2: Uneven shift distribution

Making changes to the schedule manually, any manager can overlook a miscalculation in the distribution of shifts. As a result, it may happen that some workers would not work the prescribed hours, while others, on the contrary, come to overwork, which can also result in an involuntary violation of the labor law.


To avoid this scenario, use Shifton, an automated service for scheduling work and shift schedules. In this case, the employees will have no reason to reproach the manager for negligence and carelessness!

Issue №3: Lack of modern tools

Managers who still use pen and paper to create a company's schedule not only make their lives harder, but they are more likely to make mistakes. In addition, the sheer volume of calls and messages on the personal phones of executives and employees is time-consuming, resulting in a lack of work-life differentiation.


With easy-to-use software like Shifton, you can significantly simplify employee scheduling and communication within the company. Moreover, notifications arrive on the mobile version of the online application almost instantly, and employees can exchange shifts on their own, saving managers a lot of time.

By automating employee scheduling with the Shifton online service, you can get consistent results, make fewer mistakes, cut costs, and increase productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

If you are not using Shifton for your business yet, then it's time to get started! Register and try all the features of the online application for free during the entire trial period!