How to create the perfect work schedule for your company

Published: 26-07-2022

Planning is more important than one might think! Today we will show you how to create a work schedule that will meet the needs and personal circumstances of each employee. In the long run, this can significantly increase your company's revenue.

How to create an ideal work schedule? Especially if it requires a lot more than just providing employee's names with hours and dates.

What does a poorly compiled work schedule result in?

Long gone are the days when employees worked on a 5/2 pattern 40 hours a week. More and more companies today have been facing scheduling problems. This is facilitated by such innovations as the possibility of increasing working hours, shift work, flexible working hours, part-time employment, etc. In addition, due to Covid-19 pandemic, more and more companies are switching to remote work.

It is clear that with so many new scheduling options, the regular work schedule will turn out to be completely ineffective!

Your employees may experience a lot of stress and, consequently, feel sick more and more. Such stressful situations also increase the risk of accidents at work, which will ultimately affect your business.

In addition, making numerous changes to the schedule can lead to the fact that your employees cease to respect you as a leader. Absenteeism will increase and worst of all, the company will face high employee turnover!

Ultimately, you will end up with dissatisfied customers, lower profits, bad corporate culture...The list can be endless. However, using the right tools (like Shifton) can improve work efficiency up to 19%.

How to compile a work schedule that eliminates the possibility of the issues mentioned above?

Best advice for planning the perfect work schedule

Using a well-designed scheduling tool, you can create your company's work shifts and workflow that will satisfy the needs of all employees, help you achieve your goals and bring financial benefits. If you still use Excel or old-school pen and paper method, then we have a suggestion for you!

Try the Shifton cloud service, which will help you easily and efficiently plan work schedules in just a few clicks. Edit shifts, add notes, confirm the presence / absence of employees, process days-off requests, sick leave and more!

The Shifton app offers many useful options:

Shifton is a versatile tool for scheduling online work shifts and workflow with maximum productivity. A wide range of features and integrations allow you to use Shifton as a single tool for performing and keeping track of day-to-day workflow of the company.

If you are not using Shifton for your business yet, then it's time to get started! Register and try all the features of the online application for free during the entire trial period!