How Shifton helps optimize call center operations

Published: 26-07-2022

How Shifton can improve call center performance

Review of Shifton for call centers

Call center managers have to monitor the workflow and control the execution of the plan by the operators on a daily basis. In addition, one of their most important tasks is to create and maintain the call center schedules.

Since customers can be located all over the world, there should always be operators in the call center who work according to the subscribers' local time. Call center managers should take into account the work schedules and the number of operators on each shift when working on their monthly schedules. Otherwise, mistakes with working hours, shifts, distribution of employees and shifts are inevitable.

So how can using the Shifton online service improve the performance of a call center?

  1. Shifton supports all schedule types

  2. Operators work in two shifts, 8 hours a day, with a fixed lunch break four hours after the start of the shift. This schedule format also assumes an 8-hour workday format with a fixed start time for a call center employee. However, the operator can take a lunch break and request breaks at any time of the working day.
  3. Operators work for 8 hours/day with fixed shift start time. Operator can take a lunch break and request breaks at any time during their working day.
  4. Operators work in 4/8 hour shifts/ They also determine the beginning of their working day and take breaks during shifts. This type of work schedule not only cuts the cost of call center staff by almost 25%, but also significantly improves productivity.
  5. Shifton can handle all these types of work schedules. The app supports the option of flexible start for shifts, requests for breaks and times off. With the help of Shifton call center manager can create a schedule for any given number of departments and employees.

  6. Shifton will help keep the working schedule

  7. A call center schedule must be composed in such a way that breaks, lunches, meetings and other events would not disrupt the workflow. After primary setup Shifton will automatically build your schedules so that operator breaks won't match. While several operators have a break, others continue to work.

    Thus, the use of the Shifton app allows to eliminate downtime and not to violate the schedule structure.

  8. Shifton will help you and make the changes and updates in schedules instantly

  9. If call center employees do not feel at least a little freedom, then over the time they will lose interest in work. With the help of the Shifton online service, managers will distribute shifts so that operators work less days a week, but with full hours.

    In addition, if necessary (for example, during lockdowns), employees can have the option of flexible start and end for shifts, and even work from home on certain days or on a full-time basis.

  10. Shifton allows you to efficiently track and evaluate work of the call center

  11. Analysis of statistics in CRM is a prerequisite for the proper scheduling in a call center. Shifton offers powerful reporting tools that display statistics on call center performance from different perspectives.

    Customizable modules not only display data in reports, but also allow you to make forecasts on costs, hours and more. This helps you optimize the processes within your company.

  12. Shifton supports integration with other programs

  13. No matter what software you use in your company for employee management, accounting and work tracking, Shifton will make your life easier.

    Shifton app offers integration capabilities with many popular programs in order to improve workflows, exchange data, and provide access to our API to perform various integrations.

    Since the Shifton online service integrates with other programs (say, Quickbooks), the management gains access to all the necessary reports - on working hours, shifts and salaries, including fines and bonuses.

    Looking for new integrations or features? Tell us about your needs and Shifton will suggest a suitable solution.

    With the help of Shifton a call center manager can effectively create schedules for any number of departments and employees in a couple of clicks. Available features and integrations of Shifton allow you to use this application as a single program for completing and tracking daily tasks in the call center.

* All original photographs courtesy of DialogMarket call senter. The review of Shifton by DialogMarket executive manager can be found here.