How Shifton can improve bank operation

Published: 26-07-2022

How Shifton can improve bank workflow management

Review of Shifton for banks

The full-fledged activity of the bank is impossible without well-coordinated work of all its branches and a competently drawn up work schedule. These days commercial and state-owned banks have been considering working not only on regular working days, but also on holidays. In addition, the current situation with lockdowns also requires flexible adjustments to the realities of life.

Shifton online application is a real help for any bank

Maximum automation of the workflow helps to simplify the life of the bank owner. Shifton online app helps to distribute employees to departments, keep track of their working hours and manage work schedules.

In addition, the functionality of the application allows to establish effective communication and management of those employees who are located in different time zones, or work remotely. In order to add employees to Shifton system, the manager needs to add only their first names, last names, mobile phone numbers or emails.

Using Shifton, the bank manager can add an unlimited number of employees, give them various tasks and give them different access levels. Shifton "Departments, Projects" module allows to instantly transfer employees from one department to another if required. Shifton also provides the opportunity to effectively coordinate staff work and compare statistics and monthly metrics.

Another useful feature of the application is the ability to transfer and save all the necessary documentation in a secure cloud storage. Since Shifton online app is available 24/7, any bank employee with the appropriate authority can request all the necessary information at any time.

Using Shifton app, bank managers can create and edit regular and holiday schedules for different departments or individual employees. At the same time, they can quickly make changes to already created schedules.

For example, if a bank closes earlier than usual on holidays, the schedule can be shortened to the required hour. In addition, thanks to the "Bonuses and Penalties" module, you can assign additional bonuses to employees who take their shifts on holidays.

Having a smart work schedule is essential for establishing a stable workflow in a bank. However, the schedule should be flexible. Any employee can be absent for any reason: sick-leave, family circumstances, hospitalization, etc. For such cases, the “Open shifts” option will come in handy, allowing the bank to function as planned regardless of how long one or another employee is absent.

With Shifton, a modern online scheduling tool, you can easily manage a bank workflow with any number of branches and employees.