A customer interview. DialogMarket Call Center

Published: 26-07-2022
Review of Shifton for call centers

We bring to your attention another real review from one of our first clients - DialogMarket call center.

Shifton:Hello! Please tell us about the specifics of your company.

Alyona:Hello! My name is Alyona Peshekhonova, I am the head of the outsourcing call center DialogMarket (Ukraine, Kropyvnytskyi).

Our call center is focused on providing hotline and customer support services. The unique feature of DialogMarket is the quick launch of startups as well as the option to increase the number of operators on shift on one day notice.

Shifton:What are your daily responsibilities?

Alyona: My main tasks as a manager are to provide instant support to customers and responds to their requests and orders. I also control the number of people on each shift, and responsible for smart distribution of shifts between operators, depending on peak load periods in each project.

Facing the demand to operate 24/7 365 days a year, a call center cannot function perfectly without properly and wisely designed schedules. After all, the larger the project, the more employees and shift variations are involved in its schedules.

Shifton:What are the most common challenges you face in running a call center?

Alyona:Working with a project with 40-50 people involved, we faced certain difficulties in combining schedules that will suit both our customers and the staff. Now imagine what it takes to develop an effective weekly or monthly schedule for 300 people! Someone got sick, another one left job, and someone else can only work for 6 hours a day or on certain days of the week.

The design of such graphs is like a house of cards game: if one employee falls out, everything has to be rebuilt from scratch!

Shifton:How did you get started with Shifton?

Alyona:We settled on Shifton after checking dozens of scheduling options. You made our lives much easier.

Shifton:What features of Shifton you consider to be most useful in call center daily operations?

Alyona:Employees really love the option of shifts swapping, and most importantly, schedules are now compiled in just a few clicks! We also have no issues with the tracking of sick leaves and vacations.

Shifton:How did the workflow in Dialog Market changed after your start with Shifton?

Alyona:I always strive to create the most comprehensible system of salaries calculations for employees. Shifton makes it even easier. The Payroll Reports module allows me to maintain transparency in payroll accounting at DialogMarket. Each call center employee can always know how much money he made in a given month, and can plan his expenses in advance.

Shifton:Could you recommend Shifton to other call centers?

Alyona:Definitely yes! This application will be equally useful for both large and small outsourcing call centers and other businesses.