Comparison of two online work scheduling services: Shifton and 7shifts

Published: 31-08-2022

Shifton Vs. 7shifts. Choosing the best online work scheduling service

Do you want to significantly reduce labor costs (up to 30%) and maximize company profits? A well-organized work schedule for your employees is helpful.

Today we are going to review two automated scheduling services: Shifton and 7shifts. Which one is best for your business you decide for yourself!


shifton logoShifton is a multifunctional online solution that provides a stable workflow within any size company. 

The automated work scheduling system is ideal for call centers, hospitals, banks, retail stores, service centers, dispatch services, cafes and restaurants.

With the use of Shifton online service, you can significantly reduce the work shift creation time with such features as automatic online schedule creation with multiple settings, shift swaps between employees, staff attendance management, worker time recording, automatic notifications and many other utility modules.

You can create optimal work schedules (the system automatically assigns shifts to employees), form project teams, monitor working time statistics and employee salaries, assign tasks to employees and control their fulfillment. 

Also, Shifton offers a referral system. Joining it, you can get 10% of your referred client's payment for life.

Shifton's service is available in both a web version and a mobile app on Android and iOS. Companies of under 100 employees get free access to key shift scheduling functionality (locations, tags, mass actions, and auto-scheduling templates). The minimum price plan starts at $0.5 per employee/month.


7shifts_shifton7shifts is a program that was specially created for restaurants and cafes. It helps significantly optimize work schedules, streamline communication, facilitate team management and improve staff efficiency.

7shifts allows managers to save 5 hours per week on scheduling, streamlines calls and text messages, manages staff with free mobile apps and has integrations with many popular programs used in the restaurant business. 

This app is very easy to use. It just needs a phone for you or your staff to easily access your work schedule, send messages, and report schedule changes. 

Comparison of Shifton and 7shifts

Let's compare the features of Shifton and 7shifts in the table so you can make your choice easier.


Comparing Shifton and 7shifts, we see that both of these work scheduling apps have multiple solutions for your business. However, 7shifts is more focused on restaurant/café owners and managers. On the other hand, Shifton's online system can offer useful features for almost any business with a shifting workforce. 

Also, it should be noted that the Shifton service is actively developing and is constantly being adapted to the needs of each individual customer. And most importantly, the use of our software will cost your company much cheaper! 

To summarize, both 7shifts and Shifton are excellent scheduling services for the restaurant business. However, for companies in other industries, Shifton offers so much more!