Best Project Management Tools 2021

Published: 26-07-2022

One of the most important tasks of the head of any company is to develop the company's brand, increase productivity and save time for working with personnel. We present to your attention the best services for scheduling tasks and managing team resources in 2021. It's time to clean up your to-do list!

Project Management Tools 2021

Depending on the size, industry and goals, you can choose relatively simple control systems, as well as large business solutions or internal developments.

Here are the top 6 services for project and staff management in 2021.

Powerful yet simple tool for teams that helps shape workflows, adjust to shifting needs, create transparency, connect collaboratively, and put an end to manual work.

The tool can be used across teams, departments, leaders and organizations, and all types of projects and processes.

Free of charge individual plan includes up to 2 team members and helps to keep track of their work and tasks, providing the most essential features of the tool. Monthly paid plans start from $8 per user.

Easy to use tool which can be integrated with popular services and is great for scheduling tasks.

The main feature of this service is its' simple interface in the form of boards with tasks and lists of tasks. Statuses of the tasks can be updated with one click of the mouse. One of the most convenient features is that a separate window is allocated for each user.

Trello is free to use in a limited version only.

This corporate messenger became one of the most popular business solutions for employee interaction in 2021. The web service runs on personal computers, iOS and Android devices and is often used as an alternative to Skype.

In its free version one gets 5GB storage and 10K of messages for the team, as well as 10 integrations with popular tools and services. Paid plans start from $8 per user per month.

Popular cloud service for setting tasks and project management in 2021. Numerous integrations are the hallmark of the application. Compared to other tools, Wrike offers relative simplicity and convenience.

As for the shortcomings, users note the interface is too simple. Free plan offers 2 GB for the whole account and limited functions. Paid plans start from $9.8 per user per month.

A very popular task tracker in 2021 with intuitive interface. This service can be used both in team and for personal purposes.

The tool presents wide functionality: scheduling, chatting, execution control and many more. Asana presents 3 plans to choose from depending on the goals of the company. The basic free plan includes up to 15 users and offers limited funclionality. Monthly paid plans start from $13.49 per user.

Shifton is a great alternative to the aforementioned tools. The online application offers a wide range of tools for managing companies, projects and schedules, as well as 4 interface languages ​​to choose from. Shifton users can also set their preferred working hours, request a break or exchange shifts with colleagues within the app.

The service supports scheduling for any given number of employees who can use "Tasks" module. The module allows to manage tasks and related customer data, assign tasks to employees or allow them to take them on their own, establish deadlines for execution and completion of tasks, attach lists that employees fill in after the tasks are completed. Shifton is available for free for 2 months. After that the monthly payment for "Tasks" module will be $0.5 per person.

The above list of software developers for managing team resources is by far not complete, but now you know where to start!

We hope that these tools will allow you to focus on the development of your business, as well as save time on organizational and marketing tasks.