Best cloud-based services for call centers in 2021-2022

Published: 26-07-2022

Top 5 Cloud Call Center Software in 2021-2022

The key to effective customer support is not only well-trained operators, but also quality call center software. Modern technologies help automate operational and business processes in a call center, as well as increase employee productivity.

The main tasks of software for any call center are automation and increasing the efficiency of operational processes: call distribution, filling in customer information, routing, etc.

Optimization of business processes is also important: the ability to monitor the performance of operators in particular and departments in general, analyze key performance indicators and monitor the work of the call center in real time mode.

ВWhen choosing call center software, you can improve your customer service by using software which is cloud-based. These are the main advantages of such a solution:

  • Better customer service management
  • Improved reporting
  • Increased efficiency
  • Centralized data collection
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced data security
  • Multichannel support

  • 5 Best Cloud Call Center Programs in 2021-2022

    Manual scheduling shifts for operators takes too much time and effort for call center managers. The Shifton online app optimizes day-to-day scheduling operations, reduces turnover and increases employee engagement in order to deliver the best possible customer experience.

    The Shifton cloud service is ideal for scheduling shifts in a call center. The functionality of the application allows managers to create optimal work schedules, easily schedule shifts and distribute tasks between operators. In addition, employees can independently adjust their work schedule by swapping shifts (with the confirmation of the swap by the manager, if necessary).

    Shifton helps you create an optimal balanced schedule that ensures the best quality service to your call center customers.

    This innovative cloud-based software provides several unique tools for call centers. The custom waiting in call queuing feature eliminates call forwarding, which helps sales team close more deals by automating the dialing process.

    CloudTalk also maintains a high level of customer satisfaction through intelligent call routing, Click-to-Call and IVR options. CloudTalk allows you to set up an online call center with all available devices from anywhere in the world while maintaining local presence with local phone numbers.

    In addition, this call center software offers hundreds of integrations with CRM, e-commerce, tech support, shopping carts, Zapier and APIs.

    Avaya Contact Center is a universal cloud or hybrid automation solution for inbound and outbound applications for voice, video, email, and group chats. A unified multi-channel communication system allows remote operator groups to handle calls from anywhere.

    Avaya Contact Center also provides the features of screen capture, training, and call quality management, as well as real-time reports and statistics for any selected period.

    In addition, this cloud-based call center software offers engagement recording, voice analytics, and automated scheduling features.

    MyOperator call center software allows you to manage multiple calls without spending too much time and effort.

    The benefit of using this call center software solution is that it has innovative features such as adding music on hold and the ability to take notes while in a conversation with a customer.

    MyOperator is an easy-to-use cloud service that offers API integration. Its main purpose is to record, forward, transfer and track calls. However, you can also export the call log data for performance analysis as needed.

    Dialpad is a web application which helps you take your business communication to the next level. It enables you to communicate with your clients, employees and other businesses with utmost ease making your business communication more efficient and effective.

    Whether it is voice based communication or text messages, Dialpad has great solutions for them all. It takes your communication to a new level so that you also enjoy your time while speaking to your clients.


    The right cloud-based call center software helps improve efficiency, productivity and customer service. We choose the Shifton online service since it is the perfect application for efficient call center management.

    If you do not use Shifton for your business yet, then it's time to get started! Register

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