Best Choice of Scheduling App of 2021-2022

Published: 26-07-2022

Scheduling Apps Comparison - Shifton vs. When I Work

Usually those managers who deal with scheduling for teams and departments face the challenging task. They need to have the schedules created while taking into account all employees and their personal circumstances, sick leaves, days off, monthly and weekly work hours.

In case you still compile schedules and shifts on paper or in an Excel file it can take hours to make all the necessary updates. Various scheduling apps for sure take the burden of employee scheduling. They significantly reduce managers' time and effort, improve teamwork and maximize uptime.

We know that Shifton online app is an excellent alternative to all popular analogs. Let's compare Shifton features with WhenIWork functionality and make sure of that.

Languages EN, RU, UA, HE, DE, PL, ES, EL EN
Free Trial Period 1 months 2 weeks
Min.cost $0,5 per user per month $2 per user per month
Support Personal account manager Chat bot
Automated Scheduling
Shifts Swapping
Breaks Swapping
Payroll Calculation
Check Lists
Swapping Control
Reports and Analysis

* Features comparison are compiled based on publicly available information as of September 2021.

As we can see from the comparison table, Shifton provides almost the same features as WhenIWork and even more - say, personal account manager, “Availability” option which ensures maximum flexibility for both employees and employers, not to mention a much longer free trial period and lower costs.

Want to make sure? Welcome to Shifton! Register and try all features of Shifton for 2 months free-of-charge!