5 Interesting Ideas on how to Improve the Efficiency of Call Center Employees

Published: 26-07-2022

How to Improve the Efficiency of Call Center Employees

Most call center managers use standard methods in order to motivate employees and achieve their goals (for example, bonuses, allowances and benefits). But if you're really interested in growing your company, you should try new solutions to improve operators’ productivity.

Here are 5 interesting ideas that will help you increase the efficiency of your call center employees by at least 10%.

1.15 minute vouchers

Are there any operators who would refuse to finish work 15 minutes early without losing the payment?

Many call centers try to encourage their employees with various bonuses (like sweet gifts or tickets to a movie).Anyway in each and every company there will always be employees who do not eat sweets and prefer the theater. But almost everyone wants to leave their workplace early!

15-minute vouchers for the most productive call center employees can be a great incentive to do better work. This solution allows you to motivate almost any operator.

2. Collecting acknowledgements

Many call center operators resent that while all customer complaints are registered, formalized and passed on to management, compliments and gratitude often go unrecorded.

Meanwhile, collecting and voicing feedback from grateful customers can significantly increase the motivation of call center employees. Try sending out last week's recorded thank you messages once a week to the operators who maintained them.

This is a great opportunity for all other employees to understand how important their work is. And employees who receive gratitude will feel how valuable they are for the company.

3. Call of the month

The most difficult calls from the most “hard” clients shouldn't go unnoticed either.

It's good if your call center practices call records analysis on a monthly basis. In this case, you can quickly and easily choose the call of the month by collecting feedback from managers and supervisors.

Once you've found a prime example of a particularly difficult or stressful situation that took place during a call, you can look for the most successful behavioral strategies for those situations. Such an analysis can become not only a recognition of the success of the operator-hero of the call, but also an additional incentive for employees who successfully manage such calls.

4. Daytime vigor

It is no secret that between the afternoon and the end of the working day, a significant decline in the productivity of workers takes place rather often. But we can offer you a quick and easy way to avoid this!

Try asking your call center employees to stand up, not sit down, for one hour after lunch! This method avoids activity drop and makes operator voices sound more energetic and engaging.

Of course, such an innovation should be implemented exclusively on a voluntary basis. In addition, workers with disabilities or back pain, etc., should be warned of possible health problems.

5. Schedule flexibility

A perennial challenge for call center managers is ensuring that enough employees work on a given project. After all, a shortage of operators significantly affects the working conditions of the entire team and of course reduces productivity.

A competent manager always tries to be responsive to the requests of employees who need to make changes in the schedule. For example, many parents will want to take vacation during school holidays, and students will want to take time off during a session in college.

Only a well-designed scheduling tool allows you to create a call center schedule that will satisfy the needs of all employees. This will help management achieve its goals and bring financial benefits to the company in the long term.

How to take into account personal issues of each employee and at the same time comply with all the requirements of labor legislation? We have a solution!


The Shifton online service will help you quickly and efficiently create, edit the company's work schedule and employee schedules using convenient templates, as well as confirm requests for leave or sick leave with one click. In addition, operators can independently swap shifts, which reduces the burden on call center managers.

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