5 common management problems associated with projects scheduling

Published: 26-07-2022
Common management problems related to working on projects

A company can not develop and become more profitable by placing all its fate in old business ideas and practices. Its management has to experiment with new concepts in order to adjust to the ever-changing market. Products and services can then be made based on those ideas. Sounds simple enough, but the reality is far more complicated. One thing is to come up with an idea, but an entirely different thing is to make a project around it.

Things can become so out of hand that only a third of all projects make it out of the production cycle on time and with an initial budget. This happens because of mistakes made by inexperienced project managers. We offer you 5 common management problems that arise from neglecting certain areas of project planning. After overcoming them you will be able to effectively manage projects.

Failing to define the project’s goal is the biggest mistake made by managers

According to several research papers of the American Project Management Institute, one-third of projects fail because people who develop them have no clear vision. It’s one of the most common management problems. That is why it's vital to have a picture of what you are trying to achieve, how it will benefit the company and why customers would want to use it. Otherwise, any further work will be rendered meaningless.

Let’s take as an example a small mobile app company that wants to expand into mobile video games market with a puzzle game. In this case, the following things would likely be discussed by developers:

All these questions have to be discussed during initial and subsequent company meetings. Managers and employees should agree on the best way of reaching project goals and the estimated time it will take to make this happen.

Top mistakes managers make – lack of requirements

When you plan a project, it's important to understand what the final result will look like. The is one of the biggest mistakes made by managers. Managers are responsible for making a list of requirements for the project and giving it to employees. The list should include the following information:

This list also has the final product that will be developed. In case of a mobile video game, these can include concept artwork, audio samples, code for various elements of the game, for example, mechanics, physics, visual effects animations, etc. Each listing must include an approximate release date.

Making up estimates is another common mistake managers make

Deadlines are one of the common management problems that emerge during project development. A good manager has to stay in touch with his team and ask for updates on the progress within each team. Are they meeting their deadlines or do they need more time to do everything properly?

Some unexpected thing can pop up and the entire thing will have to be delayed. Should you fail to make the necessary calculations, you will be at risk of constantly postponing the deadline. In order to avoid any future problems, it is best to meet with every staff member and evaluate with their work in time.

Neglecting risks is a common management problem

In theory, all your plans would surely fall into place every time, but in reality, any project can be subject to delays, missed deadlines, sick employees and other unfortunate events. Having a proper risk management program cuts the potential of project failure almost in half. This process is not that hard to undertake but does require outlining many factors that could go wrong when working on a particular project. Your list of risks should include such events as:

A project manager’s task lies in risk evaluation and establishment of their impact on the project. For example, you can make sure to appoint a deputy project manager who will able to replace the head of the project and continue working in his absence. You can also experience technical difficulties, such as an abrupt shift in used hardware or software that may require hiring additional employees. A contingency plan has to encompass all possibilities of things going wrong for the project.

Mistakes made by managers – having a rigid schedule

There is no better way to ensure a steady workflow than by scheduling your team. The timetable has to provide clear information about the workload and deadlines. All schedules should allow some flexibility in case of unforeseen circumstances. If anyone working on a project has to take some time off in case of an illness, a family matter, an injury or some other circumstance, they can do so in reasonable terms. In that case, there has to be someone to replace them in case of an emergency so that the pace of project development can be kept up.

It is vital to give your team members the same flexibility when suggesting new ideas to project managers that will benefit the project in general. Currently, there is a variety of solutions that make project management easier. These include Social Shared, Wrike, Slack, Procore and many others.