5 Best Tools for Delivery Service Management 2022

Published: 15-11-2023

TOP-5 Tools for Delivery Service Management 2022

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A rising number of systems and applications on the market are helping distributors, warehouses, retailers and other companies optimize the daily delivery of products to the end consumer. 

Use of cloud technology gives access to real-time analytics and other critical information to interact with all team members, partners and customers around the world. 

So what is the best software solution on the market today? We found 5 excellent delivery service tools for you for 2022.

1. Shifton

Do you want to manage your courier business online with cloud-based software? The main benefit of Shifton's automated service is the ability to fully automate your company's key work processes. 

This software is perfect for managing a delivery service because it allows you to forget about manually scheduling and timekeeping your dispatchers and couriers. 

Shifton is an excellent, intuitive and easy-to-manage delivery task management tool with many useful modules. Multiple shift templates allow you to create the most suitable work schedule for your employees. 

Also, you can create new projects in one click and add the required number of employees to the shift. In addition, using a simple mobile app, couriers can easily process and analyze their orders, as well as independently exchange shifts.  

Shifton's cloud-based solution includes many useful utilities for the delivery service, such as a real-time web dashboard for dispatchers, employee location tracking, and automatic SMS notifications.

2. Deliforce

Deliforce's cloud-based tracking and delivery management solution is used by organizations of all sizes in industries such as manufacturing, retail and pharmacy. This software allows users to assign deadline-driven tasks to couriers. 

Deliforce provides delivery managers with a convenient dashboard to view statistics on completed, deferred and current tasks. They also have access to a route optimization feature and employee reports. 

Couriers are notified about new tasks together with the customer's contact data and have the possibility to collect delivery proofs, such as customers' photos or their electronic signatures. 

Delivery notifications are all sent to the customer with a phone call or SMS. The client also has the ability to track the location of the courier in real time. 

3. RoadWarrior Flex 

Wonderful software for everyone seeking to economize time on the road. RoadWarrior Flex is an intuitive tool for planning optimal routes. 

This service is successfully used by dispatchers to create, optimize, and share routes with drivers. 

Dispatchers can track progress and update routes whenever needed. All drivers are free to download the RoadWarrior app on Android and iOS smartphones and log in using their Flex credentials.

4. Zippykind

Zippykind software is a longtime favorite among American couriers, customers and delivery service owners. 

Drivers enjoy the ability to use the Android and Apple mobile app for immediate delivery messages to customers and dispatchers. 

Dispatchers can track a driver's location at every stage of a delivery. In addition, Zippykind has many other useful features and a free demo. 

5. Express Pak

This is an entire computer system that includes order assignment software, a courier rating scale, billing modules, order costing, and employee timekeeping.

Express Pak offerings include logistics and shipping management software, customer delivery management and a 3PL aggregator. All of these solutions were highly praised by customers.


All delivery services need software to help track couriers' actions in real time and allow dispatchers to see where drivers are going and whether they are on known routes. 

Choosing the right delivery service management software will solve all your problems with dispatchers, couriers, drivers, and delivery service fulfillment.